Is a Snuggie the best gift for you?

Photo Credit: lindsayloveshermac via Compfight cc  Snuggie for your cat?
Photo Credit: lindsayloveshermac via Compfight cc
Snuggie for your cat?

I do have to admit I do have a snuggie! It’s not the officiall brand but it’s a blanket with arms. I love using it while curled up on the couch and it honestly makes perfect sense. Blankets aren’t the best thing when you want to keep warm and you’re sitting up. You can’t do much with your arms unless you don’t mind cold arms. It could be the last blanket you will ever need for lounging in front of the tv! They’re pretty ugly and un-stylish and I haven’t seen one yet that’s made from eco-friendly materials, but they’re pretty inexpensive and can make great gifts. Not that the giftee will ever admit that they love their new snuggie! There are even ones for pets!

Snuggies exploded on the scene a few years ago so I’m writing this a bit late. They’re still pretty popular though because they really do work. Is it a good buy though and do people actually use them and keep them around? I don’t think people actually will admit that they love theirs, but I will say that! I’ve have mine for two years and I still use it. It’s butt ugly, a bit staticy and I would not want anyone seeing me using it. I didn’t even have to pay for it since it was a giveaway from a company. So that means I also have some company logo on it too. If I had to buy one though it’s about $20-$25. Not too high of a price for a blanket.

So is a snuggie worth buying?

At $20-$25 each it’s really not that highly priced. It comes in a larger variety of colors and patterns so you can have your choice of snuggies! If you give it away as a gift at least you won’t have spent a huge amount of money on something that they might not like.

A great gift for everyone?
At a white elephant gift exchange the gift that everyone ended up fighting over was a snuggie! It was the last thing I expected people to actually fight over. In a white elephant gift exchange, everyone brings a gift that’s around the same amount. People pick a number and then they get to pick a gift in descending order or they can steal someone else’s gift. It’s pretty fun but it can get pretty crazy too!

Useful, but not stylish
Even though it’s ugly it’s pretty useful and I feel like it grows on you. In the end I use it at home so I don’t need to look good here. The only person who will see me is my husband anyway. It works so well that I can get over it’s uglyness!

Do you have a snuggie of your own? Or is it on your Christmas wish list this year?