Keeping your Wardrobe Spic and Span

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Today’s post will be about laundry tips to keep your clothes looking good! It’ll save you lots of money to preserve the clothes you already have, and it’s more earth-friendly. Jeans are the worst offender because it takes so many chemicals to make them store friendly. Clothes can be pretty pricey, and if you’re the fashionable kind, then you might be cycling through a whole closet each season. With a little bit of time and effort, you can make the most out of your money.

Prepping and pre-treating your clothes

Oof…it sounds so boring doesn’t it? This step is very important though. It’ll help prevent wear and tear on your clothing and also keep the stains at bay. Before you toss everything in the wash, turn all your shirts and pants inside out. This way, the wear and tear will be on the inside of your clothing where you can’t see it. Zip up all your sweatshirts and jackets so that the exposed zipper doesn’t rip through any clothing. Also, tie up those hoodie strings so you don’t end up with them wrapped around clothes or stuck inside the hood. Look for any paper you left in pockets or else you’ll find pieces all over your laundry. Lastly, get a good laundry stain remover and spray up those stains! This includes anything you dropped onto your clothes and from necks or underarms.

Wash in cold water and use less detergent

Putting your laundry through a cold cycle will help preserve the color of your clothing. It also prevents shrinkage too. If you add in a cup of white vinegar, that also helps your colors stay put where they should be. Also, I generally use less detergent than instructed. My clothes come out nice and clean. Clothing usually doesn’t get that dirty in the first place.

Skip the dryer and get some drying racks

You know how the lint trap in the dryer is always full after a load or two? That lint is coming off your clothes from rubbing against each other for an hour. Save some wear and tear and dry clothing on racks instead. Your clothes will last longer and you’ll save money on the dryer! Since I live in an apartment, I have communal washers and dryers that cost $1.25 each. A drying rack costs about $15, but the cost is recouped after 12 cycles. Usually, I need two racks for a load of laundry. More effort on your part, but then you save money and energy. Dryers take a lot of energy to run!

Do you have any laundry tips to share?