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Want to get a free haircut? First, you need to grow your hair out for a few years or more, then you need to find a Locks of Love participating salon! They will cut your hair for you and donate it to make wigs for children who have permanent hair loss. A great organization that I have been donating my hair to for years! Men, you can do this too! Though, if you have a significant other, you might need to get their approval first to grow out your hair.

I first learned about Locks of Love when I was a teenager. My sister, cousin, and I all had long hair we liked to grow out. When it came time to cut it, sometimes we would cut off as much as possible and donate it to Locks of Love. I don’t quite remember who did it first, most likely my sister or cousin because they are two years older than me. Since then, I grow my hair out for three or four years, then I cut it all off as short as I can.

It takes some time to grow your hair long enough, but in a few years you can get a free haircut! For someone like me, I love the fact that I’m helping someone else, and I get a free haircut out of it! All you need to do is find a salon that participates. In the Midwest, Best Cuts was easy to find since they’re a popular chain there. Here in Los Angeles, I only know of one Best Cuts! It’s about 30 minutes away from me. There are other salons that do participate other than Best Cuts, you just need to find them. Ask your nearby salons if they are participants. I find that it’s best to go to a salon that knows what they are doing for Locks of Love. They will know how to prepare your hair for donation and will ship it to them. Other salons may say they can do it, but then you need to ship it yourself, plus they may do it incorrectly! There’s nothing worse than doing this for a few years, then in one snip all your hard work is gone.

No matter what salon you end up going to, you will always get the VIP treatment. Every experience I’ve had donating my hair was wonderful. Since you’re doing something good, everyone treats you really well and is extremely happy to help. Smiles all around. You won’t get a grumpy stylist who lops off your hair indiscriminately. They will try to give you the best treatment possible and the best haircut they can too!

A few things to note:

Your hair must be at the least seven inches long. Ten inches is better for wigs. At seven inches they can sell your hair for money.

It is best to donate uncolored, undamaged hair. If you are the type of person who loves to dye your hair frequently, or does not take care of your hair, then your hair might not be usable. Try to donate healthy hair; no one wants a wig with damaged hair.

If you can’t grow your hair out but still want to help, consider donating money. Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization. If everyone could donate hair that would be great, but they still need money to make the wigs.

There are also other organizations out there that do the same thing or similar. I’m not as familiar with them as Locks of Love, but there is also Wigs for Kids and Beautiful Lengths.

Here are the links to the websites:
Locks of Love
Wigs for Kids
Beautiful Lengths

Have you ever donated your hair to get a free haircut?