Going Out on a Budget

Photo Credit: jackfre2 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jackfre2 via Compfight cc

It’s Friday night and I’ll be heading out soon to hang out with a friend flying in tonight! Can’t wait to see her! Going out is obviously against the concept of saving money, but I try not to spend too much when I do go out. It’s more about seeing people and having a good time. I also don’t drink a lot so naturally I save some money there.

If you’re going out tonight too, here’s some things you can try to not spend so much! Above all, have fun when you go out!

Be a cheap date
Haha this really only works for people with low alcohol tolerance. It doesn’t take me much to get buzzed, so if that’s what I am aiming for, then it only takes one or two drinks! Other people can chug it down and then of course they end up spending tons of money. My husband can drink quite a bit before he even feels anything. His tab can get pretty pricey!

Don’t bring a credit card
When people drink, they can do some stupid things – like forgetting their credit card at the bar or buying drinks for everyone. Then they see the bill the next morning and find out they just blew hundreds on one night. Opening a tab is also one of the easiest ways to lose track of your spending. It’s much too simple to just put it on your tab and then forget about it. Using cash will help you keep track of what you spent and will give you a firm limit.

Go for casual
There are a ton of different bars out there from fancy ones where everyone gets dressed up to dive bars. Going to the fancy ones will cost a lot since the drinks are definitely more expensive. There are a ton of different bars out there to choose from. Try a new one today that won’t charge $20 a drink and save the fancy ones for a special night.


What are you up to this Friday night?