Hello Dream Car


I put a $1000 deposit down on the Tesla Model 3 to reserve a spot!!!!!! Yay!

Trying to cross something else off my dream list! I wasn’t really quite serious when I added a Tesla to my dream list, but as the Model 3 got closer and closer to it’s unveiling I kept thinking about it in a more serious manner. Plus I was skeptical that it was actually going to be in the $35,000 price range that rumor kept saying. On the day of the unveiling though, while I sat at home only a few miles away from the live event, it became a reality that this was going to happen! A fully electric earth-friendly car that looks gorgeous in a price point I could actually reach! My husband and I both didn’t intend to really get one, but since they were accepting refundable deposits to even get in the waiting line for the car…why not?

Okay okay first of all, putting a deposit down doesn’t mean that I have to buy the car. They aren’t even rolling out the first of these cars until the end of 2017 (or even later if things don’t happen on schedule) so until they actually get to our names on the list, we don’t need to decide if we’re actually going to get one or not. It’s entirely refundable if we decide we don’t want to buy it after all, or it’ll go towards the price of the final car. Most likely I’ll have a good 3-5 years to save up the mula and decide if this is something I really want to do. Yes I’m out $1,000 now, but if I don’t have that kind of money then I’m doing something wrong.

Common knowledge also says that new cars are the worst thing to sink money into. I’m scrimping and saving every step of the way only to throw all my money away on a new car? If it makes me happy, then yes.

Is it really worth the money
This is a fully electric car that starts at $35,000. Pretty darn hefty price tag but it’s comparable, or even lower than other electric cars! The Chevy Bolt is supposed to start at $37,500, and the Nissan Leaf starts at $29,000. There are federal and state rebates also out there but I’m not going to calculate that into my decision right now because they might not be around in a few years. I’ve been considering an electric car to further be eco-friendly, and now I might be able to get one that looks good too! It’s certainly going to be a big decision that I won’t come to lightly but it’s certainly a contender in the electric vehicle race.

It’s something to dream about
I never imagined that I would actually be considering a car that costs $35,000! Even buying the Prius V at around $25,000 was a huge deal for me. It’s the nicest car I have ever owned and before that it was my Corolla. If there are rebates still available and at the level it is now, then the Tesla Model 3 would actually cost the same as the Prius V! Whatever my decision in the end, it was pure fun to be able to put that deposit down to dream about getting a nice car that’s eco-friendly also. It’s certainly a worthy dream to work towards in the next few years.


My goals definitely will change once my husband and I start a family and kids take up all my money. For now though, it’s nice to dream about having a sporty electric car.

What’s a dream that you’re currently working towards?


Falling off the Deep End

Photo Credit: Anna Bieniek via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Anna Bieniek via Compfight cc


Alright, I have a confession! I’ve been spending money like crazy the past few weeks!!!! I’ve fallen off the frugal wagon and gone for a long run and money has been flying out of my purse like no other!!! It all started with wanting to get great gifts for people on my list, then of course there were all these great deals that started popping up that I could get for myself. Sadly, it’s easy to break habits once you start! And thus…I’ll have to buckle back down and get back in the habit of not spending so much on material goods. All the same though, I don’t feel that guilty about buying more than I usually do since it’s mostly gifts, and the stuff I’ve bought for myself actually isn’t very pricey when I add it all up. Kinda funny how being frugal changes my perspective on things.

Gift-wise the good thing is that I’m almost done with getting gifts for all my family and friends. I have a pretty long extensive list so I’ve actually started months ago. Yeap I know. Extensive crazy planning so I don’t stress out over all this trying to do it all in one month. It’s a lot of money spent but every single one of these people are important to us! We buy as smartly as possible with the most thoughtful gift for each person. It’s something I do really enjoy and I don’t ever regret it since we save mula throughout the year for this.

Now back to me spending way too much according to my frugal standards. These are the brand spanking new items sitting round my home now…
$60 new microwave
$25 drip coffee device (not a machine!)
$20 new medium size pot (we only has small and large before)
$30 handvac
$125 bike rack

Total is $260 spent on items I normally wouldn’t have bothered with. It’s really really hard not getting sucked into all the sales going on right now…and obviously I have been sucked in! Haha some of those items we’ve been meaning to buy and saw the sale and went for it. Others ones we could’ve passed but oh well. I honestly don’t regret it much since we are frugal for basically the entire rest of the year. As long as we don’t continue this spending trend!

And so…I’ve just spend a lot of mula on myself, others, and it’s time to get back to being frugal!

How have you been doing on spending this holiday season? Have you been shopping a lot?

Onset of the Holiday Season

Photo Credit: SquireHaggard via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: SquireHaggard via Compfight cc


It’s official!!!! This week will be Thanksgiving and officially the craziness of the holidays start! The stores have been prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas for weeks already. Cue the Christmas music that will play endlessly and forever stuck in my head through the beginning of next year. And of course there will be all the crazy sales and people trying to get the newest products. Another holiday season, another few month of trying to stay sane and remember the real meaning behind the holidays.

Each year that passes by it seems like the holidays get crazier and crazier. The stores begin crazy sales in October it feels like and there’s a lot of potential stress with trying to find the perfect gifts and hold the perfect holiday celebration. It’s always a good thing to remind myself about why the holidays are here and what they are really about.

Keeping it real
This is the one thing I need to tell myself over and over during this time of year. It’s too easy to go overboard and get really stressed out when really it’s time to celebrate with family and friends. It’s so easy to lose track of that in this materialistic time, but doing so will keep me grounded and hopefully as stress-free as possible. Oh and more mula in my wallet I hope.

I have a pretty long gift list and honestly it can be pretty stressful and money can fly out the window quickly if I’m not careful enough. I actually started shopping a long time ago to give myself a ton more time to buy people gifts that are actually useful and hopefully things they do want (and on sale or on clearance too!). One thing I started last year that I’m continuing now is to give charitable donations instead of physical gifts. Or a small gift paired with a charitable donation. It’s the thought that counts right? I have a lot of fun buying gifts though so I don’t want to stop entirely. Giving myself plenty of time though ensures I do it smartly, with less stress, and can budget my mula correctly.

Everything does not have to be perfect
Being a perfectionist is the one thing I’ve been fighting a lot. In the end if it’s not perfect it doesn’t mean I’ve failed. It just is. I don’t need to have a live Christmas tree that’s 6 feet tall to decorate the house. Some stuff across the fireplace is just fine too. Every gift I buy doesn’t have to be amazing either. Only for my sister. Hehe.

Avoiding the crazy shopping days
Admittedly…I am one who loves to go Black Friday shopping. I don’t wait in line on Thanksgiving night or anything, or go to the big box stores. I would go to the outlet malls and shop all day. The bargain hunter in me loved the great deals I could get on kitchenware and clothing. This year I’m going to avoid doing that at all! I really have everything I want and my gift list is already pretty complete. I’ll just relax this year and avoid the temptation of another set of Pyrex. The one thing I might do is small business Saturday just to support the local businesses. That should be a lot more chill than Black Friday!


It’s the holidays!!!!!!! I’m going to spend time with family and friends and just enjoy the moment as much as I can.

What’s your game plan this holiday season to enjoy it and not spend all your mula?

Halloween Frugal

Photo Credit: jacobsas via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jacobsas via Compfight cc


Well it’s October and Halloween is just in another short two weeks!!!! I already see lawns being decorated like crazy with all sorts of monsters, ghouls, witches, inflatable cats and all other random stuff. It’s time for to think of what I want to be for Halloween and if I want to give out candy to the hordes of children that will overrun my neighborhood. It’s hard being frugal when it comes to the holidays!

Halloween is the start of the holiday season which means my wallet will be pulled into a million different places starting now! With every single holiday comes a set of money sucking decisions to be made. Decorations made specifically for each holiday alone and all the festivities that come along with it! Usually I end up making a lot of decorations by hand to save some mula and cutting down on those “must have items.”

Handmade everything!
For Halloween costumes I definitely cannot justify buying a pre-made crappy costume that I will only wear once. I usually end up throwing something together out of items I already have available or with minimal cost from a craft store. Luckily I do have a lot of materials lying round from other projects that I usually can scrap something together out of felt. It’s also kind of fun scrapping something together and seeing if it works or not. Last year I was a gnome and made a hilarious tall cone hat and beard made out of felt. Pretty funny. Cost was nothing since I already had materials on hand! Fun!

Use what you already have or make sure you can use it again
If I can’t make it I usually try to re-purpose something I have around. For a gnome outfit I used my husband’s bright blue collar button down shirt with a belt across the middle. This year I had to buy some socks to complete my outfit unfortunately but at least it’s something I will wear again.

Candy for the kids
Last year was my first time ever handing out candy in my home! I had no idea what I was in for. I bought a Costco sized bag (150 pieces) of good brand name candy and thought I would be set for the night. An hour and a half later I was out! I had to turn off my porch lights and hide in my house so that kids wouldn’t come trick or treating. For the next two hours after that every time I looked out the window it looked like a Halloween movie set with kids covering the sidewalk. Most of these kids aren’t from the neighborhood but since it’s a safe area they get dropped off by the truckload. This year I’ll try two big bags of candy to see how that goes and then shut off my lights. I could get cheaper stuff but when I was a kid this was the stuff I was excited to get. Well, in truth I was excited to get full size candy bars but I’m not willing to shell out money for that!

I’m skipping out on these for sure. As much as I would like to I figure I’m already buying a ton of candy to give out. Kids will come up to my door no matter what anyway. Plus I’m honestly not so into Halloween that I need to have tons of decorations to celebrate! Perhaps if anything I’ll take a look at the sales after Halloween to see what there is. Most of it is pretty cheesy though so I doubt I’ll get anything.


Another Halloween another year of dressing up and getting bomboarded by a bunch of kids. Fun! Haha and thank goodness it’s once a year.

How are you keeping Halloween low cost this year?

New Kitchen, Sad Sad Bank Account

Photo Credit: Naralna via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Naralna via Compfight cc

Woohoo!!!! It’s an amazing feeling to finally cook a full homemade meal in my brand new kitchen! It’s been a long last month as things seemed to slowly make progress, but finally it was done! Then of course…we realized we had to clean the whole thing and put everything back together. Including most of the entire house of course since we had to move so many things around and there was that lovely construction dust that just gets everywhere. So thus it took us another week to put the kitchen back together and we’re still cleaning up the house!

It’s extremely satisfying being in my kitchen for sure now! We saved up for a long time for it, then sat on the decision to renovate. It’s a bit hard after amassing money to just spend it. But hey what’s money for than to make you happy in the end right? As long as you live within your means of course! It’s our last major renovation for a very long time so whoosh! Just gotta deal with minor house repairs and cosmetic updates. Fingers crossed!

The best part about this renovation is that I have so much space to put everything! We have quite a few empty drawers and cabinets and it feels good knowing that. We even spaced out everything nicely and didn’t cram as much as possible into all the spaces we had. Now the challenge for us is to resist buying a ton of new stuff to fill that space.

Looking at this entirely objectively though our old kitchen really needed upgrading but wasn’t in disrepair technically. The placement of the oven across the fridge wasn’t ideal for cooking and for safety since it’s right next to the doorway. Since we’re planning on kids one day then that’s not safe at all since they could run right into a hot oven door pretty quickly. The dishwasher was old and not that usable since it was 5 feet away and we moved it where it should be. Other than that some of the drawers were falling apart. So we could’ve saved our money and not done anything if we were willing to live with those things.

On the real estate side we won’t know if it boosted the value of our home unless we sell it. This won’t be for quite a while but research says that a kitchen renovation is a sure way to make your home have a higher value.

From an emotional and personal point of view heck yes it was worth it! My husband and I love to cook and having a nice updated kitchen is one thing we’ve never had before. We had some really old appliances before and a dishwasher that was so old and far away from the sink we couldn’t use it. For the two of us we definitely spend so much time in there that we will be making good use of it.

How important is the kitchen to you?