Free Music at Your Fingertips

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How we enjoy and play music has definitely changed in the last twenty years. It’s crazy how we don’t even need much to play music now. We can play it on our computers, from a tiny mp3 player, off our phones, and of course there’s still the radio too! Music has evolved in such a way that it’s become much more earth-friendly, and it’s cheap or free to get!

Remember the days when we had to actually play records? My sister and I loved to play them at a fast speed so that they would sound like chipmunks. Next, we were absolutely fascinated with tape cassettes. We had to have a Sony Walkman. Mixed tapes were the ultimate gift to give since they took so much work to create. I would spend hours pressing record and stop over and over again until I had the perfect mixed tape. After that came CD’s. Totally so much better than tapes! You could even skip entire songs!

Now, we don’t even really need anything physical to play music other than the player itself. Most people just have libraries of digital files that they can carry around with them on tiny mp3 players. Then there’s the free music players like Pandora and Spotify! Whichever way you listen to music, it’s now significantly cheaper or free even. You don’t even need to buy CD’s anymore. All you do is buy the digital files instead. While you don’t get the album artwork or the song lyrics, most people are doing it this way now.


This makes music a lot more earth-friendly! Since you don’t need to buy physical CD’s to get music anymore, the amount of waste that goes into the packaging is saved. Music players are also now so tiny that the amount of materials used is very little. In many cases, people use their computers or phone to play music and don’t need a separate music player.

Saves Money

Buying the digital files costs less than buying a CD. Better yet, you can just buy the songs you want instead of the entire CD. I remember buying singles when they came out. Then of course you had to buy the entire album if you liked the single! Most of the time there were always a few songs that I could have done without.

Music players are decently priced and can hold a lot more songs on it than a CD or tape can. You also need only one music player to play music. Before, to play CD’s you needed a CD player, to play tapes a tape player, a record to play a record and so on. Music players can usually handle different file types so you can just load them on. I have never bought a portable music player actually. Since I am in front of my computer for quite a few hours of day, I just use that to play music.

Free music via Pandora and Spotify and the radio

You don’t even need to buy music at all to listen to it! The radio has always been around and is still going strong, but there are other ways to play music for free. Pandora and Spotify are great examples of this. There are still ads to put up with but much less than the radio. It’s a good way to be able to check out similar artists and save money and resources.

How do you listen to you music?

Culver Expo 2013

100% natural cotton eco-friendly bag from Convention Totes.
100% natural cotton eco-friendly bag from Convention Totes.

A few things combined led me to attending the Culver Expo today. My curiosity, a timely email from Sizzler letting me know of their booth there, and a slow work day. I’m so glad I was able to check out this expo! It was a wonderful gathering of local businesses from Culver City, old and new, small and big. From food to janitorial cleaning, a lot of the businesses in Culver City were working it today. It was a great way to interact with local businesses and to get some free samples and food too! Culver City is pretty good on their earth-friendly ways, so I was excited to see what eco-friendly businesses they would have.

I’m lucky that I was able to go when it first started. Even then, I ended up parking at the very last lot they had available. By the time I left though, people had to resort to stalking to get a parking spot. I’m sure even the side streets were filled too. I spent about an hour there and learned about great new businesses that just opened or will open. Some eco-friendly businesses for custom bags, how to green your life, restaurants, home decor, and all sorts of businesses across a wide spectrum. I naturally gravitated towards the restaurants and eco-friendly businesses.

Here’s a few highlights of the businesses I liked the most.

Copenhagen Pastry
I was delighted to find one of my favorite pastry shops at the expo! They serve Danish pastries that are extremely light, airy, just sweet enough, and oh so perfect. I come here as often as my wallet allows and hope their business continues to grow. They were giving out smaller sized versions of the pastries they sell in store. Yummy!

Convention Totes
Their display of colorful bags caught my eye at first, plus the cute “I ♥ Culver City” tote bag they had displayed on the table! I was even more interested when I noticed that the tote bag they were giving away was made of 100% natural cotton. Eco-friendly bag!!! They do custom bags in many different styles and colors. Their website has some eco-friendly options too.

Wildlife Eco Station
On first glance at the fake leaves covering the table, I thought this was some kind of army recruitment table. It reminded me of camouflage. On second glance though, the woman behind the table didn’t look military at all and was holding a small snake! She was holding Nina, a snake rescued from an abusive home that neglected to properly care for her. She’s up for adoption now. I had no awareness at all of this non-profit business that rescues exotic wildlife and then puts them up for adoption (well, the animals that can be adopted). Some exotic wildlife cannot be adopted because they are considered illegal. They offer tours of their facilities on Fridays and the weekend. I’m curious to check it out one day to help a good cause and educate myself on this subject.

I love how stores like this are popping up to make it easier to go green. All different kinds of home decor, cleaning products, and baby stuff, all in one place. When there are multiple brands of eco-friendly products side by side, it really makes it simpler to do price comparisons. Otherwise, you’re just stuck with the expensive eco-friendly option versus the non eco-friendly option. It creates more competition for eco-friendly brands which will hopefully lead to more reasonable prices in the end.

LA Spice
A new restaurant that just opened up recently! They use fresh seasonal ingredients from local farms. They had an interesting and yummy avocado chilled soup. Looks like a good new place to try.

Muddy Leek
Another new restaurant that has opened up lately. New American cuisine they said. Very fresh ingredients at a place with quite an interesting name. Another place on my list to try.

Check out your local newspaper or website to see if they happen to have an expo like this! I happened to stumble upon this by chance, but I loved the experience. It was such a good way to experience local businesses in a new way. Explore what’s new and how older businesses are changing or keeping up.

Have you ever been to a city expo like this? How was your experience?

Get a Free Haircut

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Want to get a free haircut? First, you need to grow your hair out for a few years or more, then you need to find a Locks of Love participating salon! They will cut your hair for you and donate it to make wigs for children who have permanent hair loss. A great organization that I have been donating my hair to for years! Men, you can do this too! Though, if you have a significant other, you might need to get their approval first to grow out your hair.

I first learned about Locks of Love when I was a teenager. My sister, cousin, and I all had long hair we liked to grow out. When it came time to cut it, sometimes we would cut off as much as possible and donate it to Locks of Love. I don’t quite remember who did it first, most likely my sister or cousin because they are two years older than me. Since then, I grow my hair out for three or four years, then I cut it all off as short as I can.

It takes some time to grow your hair long enough, but in a few years you can get a free haircut! For someone like me, I love the fact that I’m helping someone else, and I get a free haircut out of it! All you need to do is find a salon that participates. In the Midwest, Best Cuts was easy to find since they’re a popular chain there. Here in Los Angeles, I only know of one Best Cuts! It’s about 30 minutes away from me. There are other salons that do participate other than Best Cuts, you just need to find them. Ask your nearby salons if they are participants. I find that it’s best to go to a salon that knows what they are doing for Locks of Love. They will know how to prepare your hair for donation and will ship it to them. Other salons may say they can do it, but then you need to ship it yourself, plus they may do it incorrectly! There’s nothing worse than doing this for a few years, then in one snip all your hard work is gone.

No matter what salon you end up going to, you will always get the VIP treatment. Every experience I’ve had donating my hair was wonderful. Since you’re doing something good, everyone treats you really well and is extremely happy to help. Smiles all around. You won’t get a grumpy stylist who lops off your hair indiscriminately. They will try to give you the best treatment possible and the best haircut they can too!

A few things to note:

Your hair must be at the least seven inches long. Ten inches is better for wigs. At seven inches they can sell your hair for money.

It is best to donate uncolored, undamaged hair. If you are the type of person who loves to dye your hair frequently, or does not take care of your hair, then your hair might not be usable. Try to donate healthy hair; no one wants a wig with damaged hair.

If you can’t grow your hair out but still want to help, consider donating money. Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization. If everyone could donate hair that would be great, but they still need money to make the wigs.

There are also other organizations out there that do the same thing or similar. I’m not as familiar with them as Locks of Love, but there is also Wigs for Kids and Beautiful Lengths.

Here are the links to the websites:
Locks of Love
Wigs for Kids
Beautiful Lengths

Have you ever donated your hair to get a free haircut?

Racking up the Birthday Freebies

This is a follow up of my freebies post the other day. If you have not had the time to take a look at that, then you do not know what free stuff you are missing out on!

Check it out here:

Freebies Galore!

It is the end of my birthday weekend and I have been doing a pretty good job of using birthday freebies! By the time I have used all the birthday freebies I think I will use, it will amount to over $90! Pretty good birthday gift if I do say so.

Sephora – $12 I got a mini mascara and highlighter sample here. Estimated at $12!

The Body Shop – $10 Have not used this yet, but it is for the entire month of June. Free $10 of products.

Godiva – $10 I have not hit up Godiva yet, but definitely will use this. With the amount of chocolate I go through in a week, this is such a nice birthday gift.

Palmilla – $40 On the night of my birthday my hubby surprised me with a new restaurant we both have never tried before. It was a wonderful dinner with great food and service. Plus, a really great birthday freebie! Complimentary meal and dessert! Great find hubby!

Rubios – $6.99 The coupon they give you is valid for any item/entree up to $7. Used this and also got a free reusable bag. They had a promotion this weekend where you bring in a coupon and they give you a bag.

The Veggie Grill – $12.21 Free entree for the birthday girl! Love going here because everything is vegetarian and delicious! Their “chicken” is very well done.

Total $91.11

Go get those birthday freebies! Who says you cannot get anything for free anymore?

Freebies Galore!

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Photo courtesy of

Free? This word still exists? No way, can you really get free stuff these days? Yes! It is still possible to get free stuff! There are websites devoted to free samples of food, household items, medicine, drinks, vitamins, and a lot of random things. Stores and restaurants also have handy clubs and mailing lists where they give you coupons and sometimes free meals and food. Some have better deals than others, but there are loads of options to be found!

Of course, sometimes it requires a little bit of form filling to get anything. Each time there is a free sample, usually you do have to fill out a form with your name and mailing address and other information. Plus, you will be automatically added to their mailing list. Requires a little bit of work, and some unsubscribing afterwards, but at least you do not have to pay any money. Sometimes the samples never arrive at all though. Most take forever to mail so it always ends up being a surprise!

And so, by reader request, here are a ton of ways to get free stuff!


Freeflys –

Get samples of food, medicine, tea, detergent, fabric softener, all kinds of things. This website collects all the samples available so you can easily find them.

Women Get it Free –

This is not a website just for women! Do not worry guys, you can use this website too. Another samples and deals website that collects all the available items in one place for you!

Slickdeals –

This is mostly a deals site, but I have had some luck finding free samples on here. Sometimes full size stuff too!

P&G Everyday –

Get coupons and samples! I was able to get a box of several samples all at once from here.




Benihana –

Get a $30 gift certificate on your birthday! Only thing is that it is only valid Monday through Thursday for your dinner only.

Sizzler –

Meal deals and a $5 off any entree purchase for your birthday.

Rubios –

Meal deals and sometimes special offers (free taco) plus free meal up to $7 for your birthday.

Red Robin –

If you sign up on their mailing list, and get a Red Robin card from the restaurant, you can get a free birthday burger loaded onto that card!

Veggie Grill –

Wohoo! Free entree on your birthday! Special offers throughout the year too. One of the better mailing lists to subscribe to.

Souplantation –

Get meal deals by signing up for their mailing list. On your birthday they will send you a buy one meal get one free. Without beverage purchase too!

BJ’s –

Free pizookie on your birthday!

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels –

They send tons of coupons for buy one get one free. On your birthday you get one of those coupons. Still, if you like their pretzels…yummy!

Hometown Buffet –

Meal discounts and a buy one meal get one free coupon for your birthday.




Godiva –

I love Godiva! If you sign up for their club, which is entirely free, you can get a free chocolate every single month! On your birthday month, you get $10 to use toward anything in store or online.

Sephora –

Get samples when you purchase almost anything, especially online. Plus, on your birthday month you get a free sample. I have a mini mascara and cheek highlighter now!

The Body Shop –

This membership requires a $10 fee every year. I was able to get it for free though due to a Groupon deal. On your birthday month you can get $10 towards anything you want which does offset the cost. I am crazy about this store because of their earth-friendly practices and quality of their products. I tend to reap the benefits. 10% off every purchase, plus the membership is renewed after your 8th point.


So go get some free stuff for yourself!!!! Do you know of more great freebies? Please share!