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I live in the crazy city of Los Angeles! I moved out here after college, started working, and found the love of my life! Los Angeles is a big mix of individuals and big personalities all mashed together. While there are green initiatives here it’s also the worst city for traffic and all these cars create a lot of pollution. It’s also the city where you’ll see the most Prius’ ever in one spot! Can’t beat the sunny year round weather here but I’m waiting for the day that public transportation is actually viable.

Two of my personal goals in life are:
Saving the earth!
Becoming a millionaire!

I am slowly making my way toward each goal doing it my own way! Sometimes I try something and it just does not work, but at least I tried it. There are also times when I get lazy and try to do it the easiest way possible. Little by little I am doing my bit. It will also be a never-ending learning process, but oh well, that’s the way life is.

Other than my interest in those two things, I also love to cook and to eat! Food is seriously one of the most wonderful things! It nourishes you, brings people together, and is so diverse! I am addicted to puzzle games and I am always looking for the next good read. I love to bike on the weekends when I can. It is definitely one of the best modes of transportation.

So keep reading! I hope you enjoy the stuff I write about!

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  1. Happy to find your blog! We’re on a similar mission — retire early in just a few years, and protect the Earth along the way. We love seeing how many choices fit both values perfectly — like zero waste grocery shopping from the bulk bins!

    Good luck with your $ savings in pricey LA. We’re rooting for you!
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