Happy Earth Day 2018!

Another year, another earth day! There are most likely holidays for every single day of the year, many made up and pretty much unknown of, but earth day is a good one for me to remember. It reminds me to consider what I’m doing in life to be more earth friendly and if there is more I could be doing. Here’s 3 things I’m evaluating now that I can start doing!


1 – Get my electricity from renewable sources

A like-minded coworker told me about Arcadia Power, a company that let’s you use renewable power without high costs. Two months ago I signed up for their basic plan that gives me 50% of my electricity from wind. I’m still getting my power directly from my local utility provider, but Arcadia is able to buy certificates for wind power putting it into the power grid.

Now I just upgraded to getting 100% of my power through wind! With the basic plan I didn’t see any increase in my bills, with 100% I’m supposed to see a small increase of a few dollars. More to come later on how it goes!

My referral link is below for anyone who wants to sign up. Might as well get the referral bonuses for me and you!

Arcadia Power referral link


2 – Walk instead of drive

I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of places within walking distance from my home. I have two grocery stores I walk to regularly already, but when it comes to eating out I generally hop into the car. Yesterday night I walked to get some conveyer belt sushi. A bit nippy at night but I made sure to pack a windbreaker so I was fine. Today for lunch I’ll also do the same. If walking isn’t an option then choosing a location where you can get to as many places as possible (say a large plaza with everything you need) is another great option. Just park somewhere and walk to where you need to go!


3 – The straw issue

Oof, this just happened last night where I asked for water but forgot to ask for it without a straw. I’m trying to not use straws at all but it’s so easy to forget to ask for no straw! It’s used so regularly almost everywhere we go! Some places have switched to no straws at all or paper straws. The paper straws get pummeled pretty easily though and turn into mush pretty quickly. I just need to remember when asking for water. No straw please!


How are you spending your earth day? What’s your latest earth friendly trick?

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