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I put a $1000 deposit down on the Tesla Model 3 to reserve a spot!!!!!! Yay!

Trying to cross something else off my dream list! I wasn’t really quite serious when I added a Tesla to my dream list, but as the Model 3 got closer and closer to it’s unveiling I kept thinking about it in a more serious manner. Plus I was skeptical that it was actually going to be in the $35,000 price range that rumor kept saying. On the day of the unveiling though, while I sat at home only a few miles away from the live event, it became a reality that this was going to happen! A fully electric earth-friendly car that looks gorgeous in a price point I could actually reach! My husband and I both didn’t intend to really get one, but since they were accepting refundable deposits to even get in the waiting line for the car…why not?

Okay okay first of all, putting a deposit down doesn’t mean that I have to buy the car. They aren’t even rolling out the first of these cars until the end of 2017 (or even later if things don’t happen on schedule) so until they actually get to our names on the list, we don’t need to decide if we’re actually going to get one or not. It’s entirely refundable if we decide we don’t want to buy it after all, or it’ll go towards the price of the final car. Most likely I’ll have a good 3-5 years to save up the mula and decide if this is something I really want to do. Yes I’m out $1,000 now, but if I don’t have that kind of money then I’m doing something wrong.

Common knowledge also says that new cars are the worst thing to sink money into. I’m scrimping and saving every step of the way only to throw all my money away on a new car? If it makes me happy, then yes.

Is it really worth the money
This is a fully electric car that starts at $35,000. Pretty darn hefty price tag but it’s comparable, or even lower than other electric cars! The Chevy Bolt is supposed to start at $37,500, and the Nissan Leaf starts at $29,000. There are federal and state rebates also out there but I’m not going to calculate that into my decision right now because they might not be around in a few years. I’ve been considering an electric car to further be eco-friendly, and now I might be able to get one that looks good too! It’s certainly going to be a big decision that I won’t come to lightly but it’s certainly a contender in the electric vehicle race.

It’s something to dream about
I never imagined that I would actually be considering a car that costs $35,000! Even buying the Prius V at around $25,000 was a huge deal for me. It’s the nicest car I have ever owned and before that it was my Corolla. If there are rebates still available and at the level it is now, then the Tesla Model 3 would actually cost the same as the Prius V! Whatever my decision in the end, it was pure fun to be able to put that deposit down to dream about getting a nice car that’s eco-friendly also. It’s certainly a worthy dream to work towards in the next few years.


My goals definitely will change once my husband and I start a family and kids take up all my money. For now though, it’s nice to dream about having a sporty electric car.

What’s a dream that you’re currently working towards?


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  1. I have been a car fanatic for the longest time. The first time I encountered a Tesla was driving next to one in Irvine, CA. It was dark but I looked down into it from my higher position in a rented Toyota Highlander and saw that crazy 17 inch screen. The next day, I was strolling around Fashion Island and saw a Tesla showroom. I got to sit in it and see the components of the car. I then realized how amazing it was because unlike the typical car with several different fluids to maintain, the Tesla only requires coolant and hydraulic fluids! From a maintenance point of view, that simplicity would save thousands of dollars, let alone zero gas! Granted electricity is not free but it’s nice to “fuel” up in your own garage or any charging stations that have sprung up lately. Even more impressive was the performance of electric cars nowadays. Tremendous torque provides instant acceleration. A friend bought an electric Ford focus and took me for a spin. Surprisingly quick and even more surprisingly quiet.

    All in all, I don’t think you need to sweat the cost of a 35k Tesla compared to your 25k Prius. I was like you when I was younger so cautious and frugal that I missed out on quite a few things in my life. I wish I had splurged a bit more. I wish I was more of an optimist back then I guess. As long as you maintain that 6 month emergency fund, proper insurance, and a little for retirement, feel free to live a little ?

    1. Wow! Thanks for that “live a little” comment! I have all my ducks in a row so a splurge on something I save up for really isn’t that worrisome for me. Of course life situations change all the time but I hopefully will be in an even better place in a few years than now.

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