Where Saving Money isn’t Worth it

 Photo Credit: maxxcarrental via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: maxxcarrental via Compfight cc


With all this talk about saving money I think a lot of us now have conditioned reflexes to really veer toward lower dollar signs! I know when I’m shopping I do tend to do that now and I have to take a step back and tell myself to think objectively and not just grab the cheapest item. This happens with a variety of things and a lot of times I end up buying something that’s higher quality even if it’s not the lowest price. I want things I own to last longer and not break within a few months. Still, my eyes have a tendency to light up when I hear something that sounds like a good deal, but in reality isn’t.

With family incoming in a couple of months my husband and I have started planning a little bit in terms of what supplies we have/don’t have and also anything we need to consider. It’ll be 7 people total including us and the last time this happened we decided to rent a mini-van to save time and hassle. A couple hundred dollars we didn’t love spending but it worked out well since then we didn’t need two cars driving at all times. Also not a fun thing in LA!

It was time to look into renting another mini-van for the week family would be here. Yep…the dreaded mini-van.

“I’ve always wanted to drive a mini-van!” Said no one ever. It’s clunky, not stylish, bulky, and the only reason you would ever get it is if you needed something to haul around a lot of people. The style of a mini-van hasn’t changed in decades with good reason. No one’s dream car would ever be a mini-van. Yet, we really could use one for just one week. Driving two cars for hour long trips really isn’t fun and there’s the question of whether or not our cars could even fit everyone plus kid car seats. The gas used on both cars too would probably amount to the same as one mini-van. Not to mention that it would be much more stressful to drive two cars than one.

A quick check and mini-vans currently are running about $30 a day. And…..full-size vans are at $22 a day! Whoa that’s like dirt-cheap considering how much more you get! Isn’t America all about getting more for your money? For $8 less a day I could get two times more metal and capacity! What a deal!

But wait…is it?

Nope, not at all.

  1. If no one ever wants to drive a mini-van then who the heck would want to drive a full-size van????
  2. The parking spots in LA are the size of compact spots elsewhere in the country. Parking would be a nightmare anywhere we went and we’d have crying kids and grumpy people in the car.
  3. The street lanes in LA are pretty thin and even in my Corolla I wish I had more space…what if we ended up side-swiping another car?
  4. I can’t imagine how much gas a full-size van would consume.
  5. I don’t want to park this thing in front of my house.


I don’t even want a full-size van at all! It’s just like buying something at the store that you weren’t looking for but was on sale that you couldn’t pass up, then realize that it wasn’t a deal at all because you don’t even want it. In this case I realized before I have a full-size van lounging outside my house. Other times, might not have been so lucky with impulse purchases.

What’s something you bought for a good deal then realized it wasn’t at all?

5 thoughts on “Where Saving Money isn’t Worth it

  1. This was a funny post. I’m a huge fan of minivans, but only from Honda or Toyota costing $40k. I think they are extremely comfortable and actually drive better because of the wide stance. I disagree with you regarding your concept of quality when you compare a minivan to a full size van also. I feel that there is a great deal of luxury when it comes to having more elbow room. Both serve the same purpose and parking one is not as bad as you have portrayed. I see a million monster trucks parking all over the place just fine. Gas is so cheap these days that the $8 difference could go a long ways.
    When it comes to quality, I feel it should apply to how long it lasts, how efficient it is, and does it afford a level of luxury. Not that it’s ugly and so big. You might be surprised how luxurious a roomy vehicle can be.

    1. Those are fancy minivans you’re driving round! For sure the ones from rental places aren’t going to be nice ones like that. I would love to see where those monster trucks you’ve seen are parked. I regularly see normal sized cars overflowing to 2 spots, and large cars deliberately taking up 2 spots all the time around here.

  2. I feel that there is a lot of extravagance with regards to having more space. Both fill the same need and stopping one is not as awful as you have depicted. I see a million creature trucks stopping everywhere fine and dandy. Gas is so shoddy nowadays that the $8 distinction could go far.

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