Maxing out my 401k!!!!!

Photo Credit: GotCredit via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: GotCredit via Compfight cc


It’s crazy looking at the calendar and seeing November across the top of the month. Where the heck did my entire year go? Stores are already geared up for Christmas and I’m already hearing about black Friday sales. A lot has already happened this year and I’m pretty ready for it to wind down. It’s certainly a good time to remember what goals I had for this year and see if I’ve been able to reach them or what I can do to reach them.

And……….I just maxed out my 401k for the first time ever!!!!!!! This was my major goals for this year and I did it with time to spare. It’s such an amazing feeling to know I was able to do this! Of course I’ve always wanted to but never even got close until now. Things like high cost of living and a smaller salary unfortunately got in the way. It’s been one of my goals since I started learning more about personal finance and I finally got there!!!!!

Better yet…my husband is on track to do the same this year too!!!!! He didn’t start his 401k plan until midway through the year but we’ve ramped up his contributions and it’ll get there before 2016. That would be his first time maxing out too!

With that said and done…I think I can go celebrate and be lazy for the rest of the year. But oh wait…it’s holidays time and it’s when money gets sucked out of my purse like no other. I guess I still have some work to do before 2016.

YTD goals completed

  • Continue to raise our net worth
  • Contribute continuously to investments (even if stock market keeps swinging)
  • Do a full kitchen renovation
  • Pay extra on mortgage ever single month (automatic so we don’t even notice)
  • Max out my 401k


I’m feeling pretty accomplished!!!! After years of practicing frugality and adding on different methods to save and automate mula, it’s all paying off and it’s so easy!!!! It amazes me too since so much has happened this year that definitely we spent more mula on than normal. We had a lovely trip to the grand canyon earlier this year. Four weddings total this year with 2 being out of town weddings where I was in the bridal party. It’s a sure way to spend money when you are in a bridal party. I just found out that my best friend and her husband will be coming to LA to spend Christmas with us!!!

Now I need to figure out how first of all not overspend during the holidays, and secondly splurge a bit when my friend is here but at the same time not go full on crazy! I’ve already started Christmas shopping months ago and have bought gifts that were on sale/clearance that I thought would be good for people. That definitely gives me more time to shop around and get good deals instead of mad rushing last minute! Now as for the holiday festivities, I’ll have to figure out a good mix of frugal/fancy things to do. I have to admit that my mind already did jump to getting a 6 foot live tree….but then shut it down after realizing how wasteful that is (money and earth wise). Perhaps a small potted plant?

Either way my work isn’t done yet for this year! Some big accomplishments already but always more I can do!


How has your year been going and have you accomplished any goals you’ve set for yourself already?


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