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Photo Credit: ordinday via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: ordinday via Compfight cc


Every time I try to do something new I usually start by researching it, get confused, have a ton of questions, and then just kick myself to start it up and learn from trial and error. The first time I ever tried composting it ended pretty quickly after I found some wiggly little white bugs hanging out. I quickly learned from that experience. Now I’m still composting and still learning from it. My most recent discovery? Don’t compost anything with seeds…sometimes they will sprout and I will find random plants all over. Of late I’ve been digging up a bunch of avocado plants.

Why compost?
For a two person household we don’t make as much trash as our neighbors. A good amount of it though is all fresh veggie peels, skins, cut offs, etc etc that is totally compostable! It’s a good earth friendly habit to add that enriches soil and cuts down on landfill trash. Once you get used to it it’s really not very hard. Of course it’s up to each individual on whether or not the time to do it is worth it. If you’re a gardener then it’s an absolutely great way to enrich your garden soil. If not well, depends on how earth friendly you want to be.

Doesn’t it cost money?
This is one of those earth friendly things you can do that actually might end up costing you more money to do it than to not. There are many ways to compost and the method I’m doing is the simplest, doesn’t require any mula, but requires a yard for sure. I don’t do a pile of compost I just dig a hole and dump in my compost and leave it. Oh and cover it with soil of course. Bokashi and worms composting both require some money upfront. For bokashi you have to buy some special ingredients unless you make it yourself. I’ve done that method before when living in an apt and I bought the supplies needed. Over the course of the year it wasn’t much but it’s more expensive than just digging a hole in the ground. The most traditional way of composting is just a simple pile in your yard, but I know that there are composter bins available for sale. Overall though the money for composting isn’t that much unless you buy a fancy bin.

Quick tips
Those little produce stickers are all made out of plastic!!! It’s one horrible thing I never knew about until I started composting. I would find little plastic bits all around until I figured out what it was. Other things that don’t break down well are cloth and nut shells. Even years later I still find bits of cloth that I thought would break down in the soil. Oops. Cutting up everything into small pieces also really speeds up the breakdown process. Don’t have to but if you don’t want huge chunks of rotting veggies then break it down smaller before composting.


Does anyone want an avocado tree? I’m definitely still learning as I go! The most important thing is that I’m doing it and it’s going pretty well with a few hiccups along the way.

Are you into composting?

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