Fixing the small things

Photo Credit: nettsu via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: nettsu via Compfight cc


Stuff breaks down. It’s pretty inevitable especially with the way manufacturers aim for shorter shelf life and cheaper products. Whenever possible I try to buy something higher quality and spend a bit more so that it lasts longer. No matter what though electronics will always break since they have more parts. Printers only last a few years usually and computers are considered obsolete after a few years. It’s sad to just throw it out though so I try my best to fix it, and if its long gone then recycle it or donate it to Goodwill.

Even things like soap dispensers can be pretty complicated! I have two automatic soap dispensers for a couple of years now and so far they’ve both malfunctioned. One was just over the warranty period but was replaced because of the company’s excellent customer service. Another one I dismantled and fixed myself. Yay! I fixed it and now I don’t need to buy a new soap dispenser. Oh and by the way, I didn’t buy these two. My husband won them in a contest. I wouldn’t let him buy these at $40 each!

Admittedly my husband is usually the one who goes around fixing things. He’s pretty successful at it too! This time though he couldn’t figure out how to fix it and was ready to buy a new soap dispenser. I wasn’t ready to chuck the $40 dispenser though so I attempted to fix it too. Luckily it works now.

Not everything can be fixed though and it’s sad when I have to toss things. We usually try our best to make sure we buy items that last as long as possible.

Do the research and buy a good brand that’s higher quality
Our go to brand for house items is usually SimpleHuman. Their products are pricey but they are made to last. They also have warranties and make good on those warranties if you are diligent! In fact they even gave us a new soap dispenser even though it was just past the warranty period. They have tons of good reviews on Amazon too. We have a shower caddy, dish rack, two automatic soap dispensers, sink caddy, and two trash cans. It’s stayed with us through 2 moves and is lasting a lot longer than other products we had before.

The first thing we do before buying something is look at reviews about the product. If a product has absolutely no reviews most likely we’re not buying it. Our only exception is if it’s a really good discounted price and the previous model had great reviews.

Treat things like new
While cleaning out my kitchen I found an old George Foreman grill! Even though it was ten years old I kept such good care of it that it was still very clean and worked. I used to move around a lot and I always kept it packed away in the original box to keep it safe. I donated it in the hopes that someone else will have a use for it. For everything I own I try my best to take care of it to keep it as like new as possible. That means cleaning it and running maintenance when needed. The easiest way to throw away money is to not take care of things and let them break because of that.

Don’t toss it unless it’s really broken
I figure that it’s already broken so why not tinker with it a little to see if I can fix it? The worst that can happen is that it can stay broken. Our printer went on the fritz not too long ago and I was able to fix it enough to get it to hang on for a little longer. Lost the fight on that one though and ended up having to buy a new one. It was about 6 years old though so we were able to get more than our money’s worth. If I can actually get something working again it’s a great feeling to know I was able to fix it! There might be cursing involved before I get there but then I also save money in the end.

Toss it in the trash if it’s the last option
Goodwill takes all types of electronics and tries to fix them to sell them in their stores. Even though I couldn’t fix my printer, I donated it there just in case somewhere there can. If they can’t fix it then they make sure it is recycled. For other items I see if its perhaps recyclable.

For a little longer, or perhaps a lot longer, I get to enjoy my automatic soap dispenser. Pretty handy for when both my hands are dirty. It was a pretty easy fix too so if it malfunctions again I know what to do. The best part? I get to keep my mula.

Are you the type of person to try to fix something broken?

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