New Kitchen, Sad Sad Bank Account

Photo Credit: Naralna via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Naralna via Compfight cc

Woohoo!!!! It’s an amazing feeling to finally cook a full homemade meal in my brand new kitchen! It’s been a long last month as things seemed to slowly make progress, but finally it was done! Then of course…we realized we had to clean the whole thing and put everything back together. Including most of the entire house of course since we had to move so many things around and there was that lovely construction dust that just gets everywhere. So thus it took us another week to put the kitchen back together and we’re still cleaning up the house!

It’s extremely satisfying being in my kitchen for sure now! We saved up for a long time for it, then sat on the decision to renovate. It’s a bit hard after amassing money to just spend it. But hey what’s money for than to make you happy in the end right? As long as you live within your means of course! It’s our last major renovation for a very long time so whoosh! Just gotta deal with minor house repairs and cosmetic updates. Fingers crossed!

The best part about this renovation is that I have so much space to put everything! We have quite a few empty drawers and cabinets and it feels good knowing that. We even spaced out everything nicely and didn’t cram as much as possible into all the spaces we had. Now the challenge for us is to resist buying a ton of new stuff to fill that space.

Looking at this entirely objectively though our old kitchen really needed upgrading but wasn’t in disrepair technically. The placement of the oven across the fridge wasn’t ideal for cooking and for safety since it’s right next to the doorway. Since we’re planning on kids one day then that’s not safe at all since they could run right into a hot oven door pretty quickly. The dishwasher was old and not that usable since it was 5 feet away and we moved it where it should be. Other than that some of the drawers were falling apart. So we could’ve saved our money and not done anything if we were willing to live with those things.

On the real estate side we won’t know if it boosted the value of our home unless we sell it. This won’t be for quite a while but research says that a kitchen renovation is a sure way to make your home have a higher value.

From an emotional and personal point of view heck yes it was worth it! My husband and I love to cook and having a nice updated kitchen is one thing we’ve never had before. We had some really old appliances before and a dishwasher that was so old and far away from the sink we couldn’t use it. For the two of us we definitely spend so much time in there that we will be making good use of it.

How important is the kitchen to you?


4 thoughts on “New Kitchen, Sad Sad Bank Account

  1. I remember this feeling from when we wrapped up a kitchen reno this spring! It’s so great having everything back where it belongs and it’s officially my favourite room in the house now, especially because it gets so much light. Also, kudos on the process you went through with saving, and then sitting on the money, and *then* going through with it – you clearly put a lot of through into it and it seems like so far you’re really enjoying it!
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    1. Thanks Mr. Utopia!!!! It wasn’t fun during the reno but I’m loving every single moment I step into my kitchen. The best part about it all is opening up a drawer and it’s entirely empty. More space!

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