Planning for the rest of this year

Photo Credit: _christine via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: _christine via Compfight cc

It’s halfway through January and a good portion of the my year has already been booked in terms of large events! Mostly that’s in terms of vacations and weddings. All the big stuff that I need to really plan for in a year to make sure I’m covered in terms of travel, gifts, lodging, and of course any little side parties that come along with those big events! It’s pretty crazy how weddings and travel can really determine what your year will look like in terms of where you should be putting money towards.

I’ve got a lot to consider and plan for and I have to make sure I have enough mula set aside for all of these. So far I’ve got a possible mini vacation and three weddings for this year. All three weddings are with family or good friends so I’m definitely going to all of them. The first one I happen to be the matron of honor in and will be planning a bridal shower and bacholorette also. Luckily it’s at least in town but my house will be taken over by family for sure. The other two are out of town so I’ll need to account for travel, lodging, and any possible extra travel for the bacholorettes. The mini vacation isn’t as big as it’s within driving distance.

Time for me to set aside a budget for this and see what I can afford (or what I would like to afford!). It’ll be good times to look forward to and being able to know about this ahead of time will lessen the impact.

Book travel early
Such a must when it comes to flying. I’ve always booked at least 2.5 months early to make sure I get the best possible rates. Of course it’s always a gamble and prices could drop (and they have) after I buy a ticket, but it’ll always be lower than getting it right before a trip. You’ll always pay the price if you wait too long to buy plane tickets.

Budgeting for gifts, spending money, and surprises
It’s going to be a pricey year in terms of gifts, bridal showers, and bacholorette parties! After getting married I know how much weddings cost and I certainly spent a good amount on mine. With weddings of family and good friends I’ll need to account for a higher budget too. I might as well have a good time too so throw in some spending money to pad the budget a bit and there I go.

Know when to say no
It’s important for me to be there when people important to me are getting married but I don’t have to say yes if it’s not possible. I’ve definitely declined many times before when I didn’t think I could financially make it even for family or other good friends. Just being I get an invite doesn’t mean I have to say yes. If I’m able I’ll send a small gift but otherwise travel and lodging can cost too much.

Making it a mini-vacation
Anytime there’s an opportunity for travel then it’s also possible to create a mini-vacation. Work trips are great because you can stay a few extra days after or before possibly. Weddings are a great opportunity to stay longer in one place. If it’s a destination wedding then it’s already a vacation! Have to pay for the travel anyway so why not stay longer?


It’s going to be a great 2015 and I’m really looking forward to everything. There will surely be a lot more events added to my calendar (I would hope) but this is a pretty good start.

What big events are you planning ahead for in 2015?

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