Taking up a New Hobby – Indoor Rock Climbing

Photo Credit: KayVee.INC via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: KayVee.INC via Compfight cc

As far as hobbies go I don’t indulge in anything too expensive. I’ve been wanting a snowboard set for years but I haven’t taken that leap because it can be a hefty amount to spend. It’s not that I choose hobbies based on how much they cost, but so far they’ve generally been pretty inexpensive to do. That is, until now!

I’ve gone indoor rock climbing off and on since I was in high school. It’s always fun and challenging but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to go regularly. The costs are adding up now as I’m getting more into it and am wanting to buy my own equipment. It’s more pricey than a lot of the other hobbies I have, but I do enjoy it.

So far I’ve just been renting shoes and equipment at the gym. Of course I need to pay to get into the gym and that cost will never go away. The cost of renting equipment though can be offset by buying my own. There are three gyms in my city and I’ve already used Groupons for two of them! Maxed out on those already so from this point on it’s paying regular price.

Costs so far for a month
So far I’ve gone 4 times and have used two Groupon deals. $84 already spent just on admission and renting equipment! For each gym you have to pay for a day pass, then each piece of rental equipment is extra. Shoes are a few dollars and so is a harness. It adds up pretty quickly for sure. If I keep going down this route I can expect to pay $26 each time I go climbing. If I went once a week for a year that would add up to $1352!

Buying my own equipment
I can continue to rent equipment but if I buy my own it’ll eventually offset the cost of renting. Equipment rental tacks on an additional $5-$7 depending on the gym. The cost of buying good equipment is decently high up front. Good climbing shoes start at $80 and a harness around $100. I would recoup that cost though after going to the rock gym 36 times. That’s about 7 months of continuous climbing. I’ve already bought my own chalk bag and chalk too. That stuff will always add it but at least it lasts a while.

Paying monthly instead of day by day
To cut down on the daily cost I can do a monthly pass too! At one gym it costs $46 a month! Pretty darn good. If I get a monthly pass it also includes rental gear too. At another one though it costs $99 a month. Pretty big difference in price. If I went for the cheaper option though I could only climb on the weekends since my climbing partner lives too far away to make it there on weeknights. For the pricier option I would have to go more than once a week to try to offset the price of a daily pass and justify the monthly.


This hobby is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and hopefully the costs won’t bog down my budget too much! It’s still a cheaper hobby than other ones like snowboarding or boating.

Have you taken up any new hobbies lately that are costing you more money that you would like?

2 thoughts on “Taking up a New Hobby – Indoor Rock Climbing

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    1. Ahhh hobbies that just suck up money! I generally at least try to go for ones that don’t require mass amounts of specialty equipment! For rock climbing I splurged on a new pair of climbing shoes finally…then hurt my ankle falling from a climb! Maybe I can find some physical therapy tips on your site!

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