Cruising on a Budget

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc

It’s the middle of September and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. Months ago we my husband and I booked our honeymoon and now it’s almost here! We’re extremely excited to take some time off from our busy life every since we got engaged. It’ll be our last chance to really take a nice long vacation out of the country as we’re probably going to switch tracks soon and start prepping for a family. Our last hoorah before we get entirely tied down! We really wanted to do something nice, but of course try not to spend too much money on it since we have other goals we want to hit. We’ll be going on a lovely 9 day cruise to the Greek Isles, Turkey, ending out trip with a few days in Rome.

All inclusive

If you have never been on a cruise before then you really need to try it! Cruises are all inclusive which means that you don’t need to pay for any of your meals on board. There is usually one or two fancy restaurants that are extra, but all food buffet style and in the dining room are inclusive. It’s basically a big hotel that also feeds you day and night. There are a ton of extras you can definitely shell out for, but all the basics of a vacation are in the price already. There are tons of free activities you can do and of course sunbathing on the deck is absolutely free!

Getting a nicer room but with a lower end cruise company

The only other cruise we have been on was a Carnival cruise. It’s the lowest priced cruise company but we still had a good time on it. Other people told us that for our honeymoon we should definitely try a nicer cruise company like Princess. We went with Royal Caribbean so that we could book a nicer room that is still lower than the price of Princess. We also heard that it was mostly older people cruising on Princess. Royal Caribbean usually attracts more people of our age.

Giving ourselves a budget

We’re going to try to set ourselves a budget for every single day and try not to go over it. We’ll most likely be more lax than usual though because it’s not easy to get to Europe. Don’t want to be so frugal that I end up not getting something I really want! Still we’re going to try to stick to that budget!

Researching and planning out some days

There are some ports where we can simply walk around and others where we would need to join a tour or rent a taxi to get somewhere further inland. The cruise does offer tours but they can be pretty pricey. We might end up doing just one though if it happens to be one we really really want to go to. Most people will say that I would be wasting my money by doing so, but I do have on-board credit that I most likely won’t use for other items. Plus if it makes it much easier for one day to get to where I want to be then I’m not going to miss that $100.


Only a few more weeks to go until I set off on my cruise! Pretty darn excited!

What tips do you have for saving money on a cruise?


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