The Ice Bucket Challenge

Photo Credit: mwaseema via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: mwaseema via Compfight cc

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks then I know you’ve seen or have been challenged to do the ice bucket challenge. It’s a pretty genius idea that capitalizes on being able to make people do a stupid stunt they never would do so normally by daring them. I certainly wouldn’t like pouring a bucket of ice water over my head! Not something I’m going to look forward to! Nor anyone else of course. Since it’s a challenge though there’s a matter of pride attached to it. It goes back to truth or dare when the dares were always more fun and no one would wanna back out. Facebook has been covered with videos of people doing this and a lot of failed videos have really been circulating around. It’s great entertainment for a lazy night.

The ALS organization has also successfully raised about $80 million through this! It’s pretty amazing how many people have done this and have donated their money. Hopefully it will help fund research to cure ALS. There are arguments against this campaign that it doesn’t help spread knowledge about ALS, but the donations are pouring in. Many of these will be one-time donations but hopefully some people will get to understand more and actually become more frequent donors.

It was inevitable that I would get challenged eventually and of course I was by who other than my sister. Then I had my own little problem because essentially I would be wasting water while California is in a severe drought! No matter what I intended to donate anyway but one of my goals is to be as earth-friendly as possible. What’s a bucket of water going to do to help the drought? Well that’s one less bucket of water wasted! I’ve been cutting back my water usage as much as possible so just throwing away a bucket’s worth really doesn’t seem right to me. In the end I decided not to and made sure to donate to the ALS foundation. The campaign certainly did work and got me to donate a bit!

Have you been challenged to dump a bucket of ice water over your head yet?

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