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Photo Credit: The JD Collection via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: The JD Collection via Compfight cc

For those of you who haven’t heard about In-n-out it’s a fast food burger joint mainly in California. It started with one place and now has ballooned to be all over California and in other states also. It’s a must have here and visitors who come request it! If you know what Shake Shack in NY is then this is the exact equivalent with one big difference, price! In-n-out prides itself on using fresh quality ingredients and on keeping the price point low. I know that it’s been said time and time again but in this case it’s absolutely true!

I have to admit that I’m a bit spoiled to be living in California with so many In-n-outs for me to choose from. I don’t usually eat fast food because it’s unhealthy but I make an exception for In-n-out. Prices are calculated based on the nickel instead of raising the prices to be almost dollar amounts. Everything is made fresh here and the menu is simple and easy. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes is all that you will find here.

Quality with fresh ingredients
All their burgers and fries are made fresh to order. Nothing is previously frozen and everything is sliced or hand torn the day of. That means fresh beef, hand torn lettuce, newly sliced tomatoes, freshly chopped onions, and potatoes peeled and sliced right before going into the fryer! They even have their own warehouses to be able to butcher their own meat and keep the quality the same across all their locations.

Low price point
With all this emphasis on quality you would think that the price of a burger here would be at least $10. Try $2.05! For a cheeseburger you would play a whopping $2.35. Fries are $1.60 and shakes are $2.10. Pretty crazy low prices here. You can also add additional items to your burger without incurring extra costs unless you go for animal style. Animal style means that you get some thousand island dressing with grilled onions with your burger. It’s absolutely delicious and you can even do it for your fries. Other fast food places are feeling the pinch of the recession and have raised their prices. No longer is fast food dirt cheap. In-n-out has kept their prices low as much as possible.

How do they do it???
Unwavering commitment to quality and low prices has made In-n-out a favorite of everyone who’s ever eaten there. Okay, maybe not everyone, but I only know one person who doesn’t like it! Each burger is created using an assembly line format where one person does one thing and moves it down the line. They’ve definitely got that down pat and are doing it right. Never had a bad burger from there. They’ve created a cult following because of their quality, price, and ability to deliver perfect burgers each and every time. It’s amazing!

I could go to In-n-out often and I would still be saving money over going to other restaurants. Slap down $5 at the counter and I could walk away with a burger and fries with change to spare. Of course I would just ask for a free cup of water to wash down my deliciously frugal meal. I don’t know how exactly they pull this all off, but I just hope they continue.

I confess that I just ate at In-n-out tonight for dinner. I have a guest in town visiting and she requested it for dinner! I don’t go very often though even if it is a meal under $5.

Have you ever eaten at In-n-out before?

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  1. This post has made me so hungry! I ate an in-n-out once. I was in AZ on my last night. No one else wanted to go so I drove 10 miles to the nearest location. I got the animal fries because my CA girlfriend at the time said I had to get them. Honestly, I only ate a few and threw them out. Talk about nasty. Later she told me some people don’t really like them – it’s more of a fun/ridiculous type menu item. I do really want to go back and get the simple cheeseburger and fries!
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    1. Not everyone likes the animal topping. It’s too bad your first experience of it was bad for you. Hopefully if you have a chance to go again it’ll be much better!

    1. It’s a private company and it’s still held in the family. The grand-daughter of the original owners. They keep growing and new locations keep popping up, but I think if they went public it would ruin the low prices and quality and everything they stand for!

  2. I almost got a job with them when they first opened up in Las Vegas. I wish I had gotten it because I’m sure I would have made it up to being a manager or at least assistant manager making over $70k+ a year :/

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