Battling with Overgrown Plants

Photo Credit: visualpanic via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: visualpanic via Compfight cc

It’s been almost half a year since I moved into my new home! A lot has been fixed up inside and outside but the garden and yard need a lot more help still. We focused mostly on the interior and fixed it up as much as possible. In that time the weeds and plants had a good amount of time to grow wild before we even started tackling it. Now months later it’s pretty unmanageable and it’s time for me to admit that I do need help with it. My husband and I have been trying to weed and take care of the garden every weekend as much as possible and weeknights too. It’s a much bigger yard and garden than a lot of our neighbors houses and it’s more than the two of us can handle. It’s about time we hired some gardeners and paid money to save time.

Time can be more valuable than money
Usually when saving money it’s best to try to do everything yourself and not pay for something expensive. In other cases, like this one, it’s more valuable to pay someone else to do it and save us valuable time. Our weekends have been sucked up with gardening and we’re not enjoying it. If paying someone else to do it works then I think it’s valuable time we save! We’re obviously not doing very well on our own either. For $120 a month we can have gardeners fix up our yard every week! It’ll certainly be worth it for us to save a few hours every weekend and enjoy it instead. We have to work the usual 5 days a week and our weekends are important for unwinding.

Making money to make our lives easier
Saving money important, but of course we work our butts off to make money so that our lives will be better. In the end money is a way to get what we want. I’m all for using some money to offset something I consider unpleasant. If I would be happy living on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of nowhere then I wouldn’t need money at all. Unfortunately I live in the US where money is needed for everything.

More time to focus on other things
Time is money right? By giving myself more time to do other things I can potentially increase my money flow. First of all by using the time to unwind I’ll be much better rested for my full-time job. My main money maker of course. Then of course there’s also side projects I have more time for. Whether it be writing a blog post, doing some home diy repairs, or finding random items to sell on ebay, I have more time to do all that.


When do you think your time is worth more than the money?



8 thoughts on “Battling with Overgrown Plants

  1. Cooking, cleaning, and yard work are wastes of my time 🙂 I have no issues spending money eating out, but I have a hard time spending money on a housekeeper and gardener. Also I outsource pest control because I do not want to deal with the chemicals involved. We had a very problematic ant problem which outsourcing solved.

    1. I had a really hard time getting to this point of hiring a gardener! I would rather save the money but it’s really obvious my yard needs help. If I can’t manage it then it’s time to bring in some help. Comes with home ownership unfortunately!

  2. I agree yard work can be time consuming and draining. But I also know that you can do it one weekend and skip it the next weekend. Refresh the body and mind during the 2nd weekend. For some folks saving time to spend only makes sense if they can successfully spend less than they earn, and allocate those funds to a gardening expense in the budget.
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    1. Wish my yard could be maintained by only touching it every other weekend! I definitely spend less than I earn and save a good chunk of change:P

  3. I like the overall vibe of this article. Time definitely can be more important than money. I’m finally starting to embrace that. I’m using fiverr to design my site logo because dang it if I’m going to spend another Saturday trying to become a graphic designer! HAHA FAIL.

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