Bread machine, bread machine, bake me bread!

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc

I am absolutely, undeniably a bread fiend! If I had to go on the atkins diet then I wouldn’t last a day. By the end of the first day I would probably find myself finishing off an entire loaf of bread without realizing it. All the health experts say that carbs aren’t the best thing for us, but I cannot survive without! Well technically I could but I would be pretty darn miserable.

For my birthday my husband wasn’t supposed to get me anything but he did and it was absolutely the perfect gift! A bread machine! I’ve never thought about getting one to make my own bread and instead have dabbled in trying some recipes using my mixer to knead the dough. So far I’ve baked two loaves and I’m pretty hooked now. It’s extremely easy to use. All it takes is measuring the ingredients correctly, dropping them into the bread machine, hitting a few buttons and 3 hours or so later a perfect loaf of bread is ready for my consumption. Beyond the obvious benefit of having fresh bread whenever I want there’s also other reasons.

Saving mula
By making bread from scratch all I’m paying for is the initial cost of the machine, the cost of ingredients, and electricity. I have an Oster bread machine which was about $60. It’s comparable to many pricier models and my husband knew that I would’ve objected had he bought something else. After calculating the cost of yeast and bread flour and adding in small amounts to cover the rest of the ingredients and electricity, each bread load comes out to about $1.50 each. If I buy bread flour in bulk I’m sure I can cut that cost down even more! It’ll take me some time to recoup the initial cost of the machine, but with each loaf I save 2-4 depending on what I would’ve bought at the store!

Healthier without preservatives and additives
Best part about making my own food from scratch is that I have more control over what ingredients I’m using. There are no preservatives in the bread I’m baking! To make bread all I really need is yeast, salt, flour and water. There are other ingredients depending on the recipe but overall that’s really it! If I buy bread at the store I can only read the ingredient list to see what they used but I still don’t really know how good the ingredients were.

Gift option
A fresh loaf of bread would be a great gift for a housewarming party or for someone who loves bread as much as I do! People give cookies and cakes all the time as gifts. Why not bread too? A loaf of store bought bread won’t really be impressive, but a homemade loaf of bread made especially for the recipient is something else.

Better for the earth
No transport or packaging needed! I’ve saved some fossil fuels and helped keep the air a bit cleaner. I just toss my bread into a reusable container too. No more need for bread bags and twist ties or those plastic tabs. The bread bag is recyclable actually but now no need to create the bag in the first place. While twist ties and plastic tabs are small they do add up over time.


I’m excited to try out my next bread recipe to see what else I can devour! This is the perfect appliance for someone like me.

Do you use a bread machine for fresh bread or are you more of a traditional bread maker?

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