Birthday Month

Photo Credit: Aih. via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Aih. via Compfight cc

Whoop whoop! June is my birthday month and it’s always full of surprises and fun! I don’t really plan on doing a big celebration but I’ll see what my husband has in mind for me. Usually I just do a small dinner with friends and family. I also get a few packages this month from people I exchange gifts with. As the years pass by though I’ve been trying to be smarter about gifting and more thoughtful when giving both ways. Of course the best part about it being a birthday month is all the freebies you can get from restaurants!

Take advantage of birthday freebies
If you haven’t already joined all the clubs of your favorite restaurants then you need to! Especially if they offer birthday freebies. Some of the offers that are given are pretty lame with the stipulation that you must purchase something else first, but many offer a free entree. Many places don’t even require you to join a club and just give you a free birthday meal.

For birthday freebies, and a ton of others, I’ve already made a handy list.
Freebies Galore!

Make sure gifts are practical
I love exchanging gifts but it’s important to me that it’s something that they will really want and use. Of course since that’s how I feel I know that others feel the same too. Instead of just guessing it’s sometimes better to just ask the intended giftee what they want or what they need. Since I’m pretty frugal I tend to not buy things if I really don’t need them. It’s great for when my birthday month comes along because then I have some suggestions for gifts that I’ve been putting off for a while.

Ask for charitable or green donations
An alternative to a physical gift is to ask for a donation to a favorite charity or earth-friendly organization. It would be something that would mean a lot and it wouldn’t take up space in your home! My cousin actually just donated to UNICEF in my name which I thought was pretty nice.

Treat someone out
I’m not saying to you should call up all your friends and force them to treat you out to a meal, but if a friend calls you up then I would say yes. Just have to make sure when their birthday rolls around that you do the same for them! Celebrating birthdays doesn’t have to involve gifts and can include some nice catch up time.


My birthday month could really be one of excess, materialism, and lots of spending money…but that isn’t the way I want to celebrate it. It’s hard to avoid exchanging gifts (especially if you’re a lady) so I just try to make it as practical as possible. One thing I’m certainly going to do is to take advantage of as many freebie meals as possible!

What’s your favorite thing about your birthday month?



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