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Photo Credit: rsfrd via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: rsfrd via Compfight cc

I had a lovely end of the workday when we were all surprised with a bunch of tandem bikes! It was the most hilarious thing and I really wish that I had brought a camera today to record it all! Slow one speed tandems that all of us were having trouble with and some of us almost fell off. These bikes are extremely awkward to ride as the pedals rotate together and the two people have to move as one. Had a lot of good laughs today and a ton of fun! No one got hurt in the end and we all got back safely. A car even let us pass in front of them on the road and were probably just busting out laughing at the hilarious scene taking place in front of them. Needless to say I much prefer riding my own bike alone.

We had a good mix of people who were comfortable with bikes and some who weren’t so. The ones not so comfortable automatically ended up in the backseat. Tandem bikes are heavy and extremely awkward to ride. I even rode one by myself since one of my coworkers fell sick and had to take a cab back to the office. It was actually easier than riding with two! I certainly received a lot of strange glances and some funny people calling out to me. Another day at Venice beach.

I’m a huge fan of gadgets that are multipurpose since then I get to save money. In this case…one is better than two. Not everything works well with a dual purpose and I’d much rather cruise along on my own bike than have to ride a tandem at all times! It makes for hilarious memories but isn’t realistic for everyday life. First off I don’t even think one of these can even fit on a regular car. I can just imagine putting one onto a bike rack on the trunk of the car and then smashing into everything because it sticks out. Secondly you would always need a riding partner since it looks odd riding alone.

There are only three things I think a tandem would really be good for…

Casual date
It is extremely hard to not laugh while trying to ride one of these things. If you want a memorable date then rent a tandem and it’ll either be really good or really bad. At least you won’t be forgotten! If anything you’ll learn to work together really well because you’re forced to.

Being lazy
If you end up on the back you could potentially not pedal at all and the person in front might not even notice! It’s actually not too hard to pedal with one person only unless your partner weighs a significant amount. Biking without any effort!

Laugh factor
Even if you’re not riding one there’s a good chance that you’ll see one on the beach bike path somewhere. It looks pretty funny and gets a good smile at the least.

I still prefer my own bike though! I can go as fast as I want without worrying about someone else. It’s also a lot more stylish too! Even if the tandem costs less than two bikes (which I don’t know if it does) I still wouldn’t go for it to save money.

Do you like to ride tandem or have your own single bike?

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