One more week til the 5 mile race!

 Photo Credit: hoyasmeg via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: hoyasmeg via Compfight cc

It’s been 7 weeks since I started training for my five mile race and I’m ready to go! It definitely hasn’t been easy at all and I’ve fallen off my training regimen more than a few times but I’ve kept going. It’s amazing how the body can change in such a short time and I can now run 3 miles straight without stopping. I still have a ways to go but hopefully I’ve trained enough to make the 5 miles at least! Pretty exciting that it’s my first jogging race.

Just yesterday I did my longest stint at 4.5 miles with one short walking break. I’m hoping that the day of the race that momentum will carry me through and I’ll make it to the finish line.

Being able to overcome this challenge for me really makes me believe that if you really work at it and put your mind to it that you can do anything. Being frugal and saving money has been ingrained into me from when I was a kid, but other people have had to learn the hard way. I’ve learned a lot since moving out on my own after college and it’s been a slow and steady process to get to where I am now years later. It’s never too late to start though and if you keep going then you’ll make it!

I’m excited to tackle this race and other things along my life. No matter how well I’m doing financially there are always way to improve. Even if a lot of my habits now are pretty earth-friendly I can always do better too! Life is just one big learning lesson and I’m only partway through.

So keep going on whatever you’re working on now! Wish me luck for next week!

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