Dollars vs. Percentages

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc

It was Easter this past Sunday and not only did a lot of people celebrate, a lot of people went shopping! Anytime there is a holiday it’s an excuse to have sales. Holidays are always commercialized and it’s really a great time to try to find some great deals. So of course I went and did a little bit this weekend to see what I could find!

I find myself inside Carter’s every other month it seems like. Those little baby clothes are so adorable and I have so many nieces to shop for! Plus everyone is having babies now so it seems like I always need to go buy some baby clothes now. I did my usual of making a beeline straight to the back where the clearance items are to see if I could find something there first. Then I spun around the store looking for the best deals. 40% off here, 50% off there, some doorbusters for $6. Then I saw it! $10 for a whole wall of cute three piece clothing sets! I could choose from submarines, monkeys, bears, and all other sorts of cute little baby boy animals! Not believing my eyes I spotted an associate nearby and asked her if everything on that wall was really $10. Yes indeed! I started leafing through the miniature clothing then realized that I had been effectively suckered in.

What happened?
In a sea of signs with 40% and 50% mounted on top the $10 signs stuck out as unique. I was used to walking around looking at percentages and when I saw the few signs saying $10 it struck me as the best deal in the place. In fact all those clothing items were $20 so it was only a 50% off sale. Having a few different signs though really made it stand out and feel like a good deal. Kind of weird but that’s my theory!

Dollars signs or percentages?
My theory is that most people will react more strongly to seeing the dollar amount rather than a percentage. In my mind $10 is a pretty good deal for a lot of things. It’s instantly registered in my brain and I don’t have to calculate anything to get the sale amount. Lazy shopping.

Taking a step back
It’s funny how I reacted so strongly at first and then felt a bit letdown when I realized it was really only 50% off. Oh well right? Same goes for impulse buys where I instantly want something but if I think about it some more then I realize I don’t need it. If I didn’t take a step back to think about it I probably would’ve just snatched it up and then giggled me way to the register. Then at home  probably would’ve realized it.


Are you a dollar signs or percentages person? Which one sucks you into doing more shopping?

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