It’s Wedding Season!

Photo Credit: Funky64 ( via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Funky64 ( via Compfight cc

The flowers are blooming and the weather is steadily getting warmer! This means that people are getting married like crazy now and it’s just the start of it all. Since being married I really appreciate how much time and money goes into planning that one big day. Not everything goes smoothly and I did end up spending quite a bit more than I thought I would but the day of was absolutely wonderful! I’m at the age where a lot of the people around me are getting married too so every year I’m bound to have a few to go to.

Just recently my little cousin (when I say little I mean two years younger than me) just got engaged to her boyfriend of seven years! Finally right? I’m the matron of honor so it’s back to wedding craziness for me! I had a year of my own wedding craziness, a nice break for a year and now it’s back to it! I’m extremely excited and happy to be her matron of honor, but of course my budget friendly self can’t help but wonder at the costs in the year ahead. Being in someone’s bridal party can mean a lot of money depending on the person. So far I’ve been a bridesmaid and a maid of honor. Now it’s matron! Bit sad because it just sounds so old. It’s going to be some fun times but I always like to think ahead and plan. There’s going to be some fancy budgeting especially for things like the bacholerette party.

Here’s a quick break down of what the bridal party usually ends up shelling out money for.
Bridal shower
Bacholerette Party
Bacholerette party games and gifts
Wedding Gift
The bridesmaid dress and shoes
Hair and makeup
Manicure and pedicure
Hotel and travel for the wedding

I’m sure there are a few things I’m missing! All these of course can quickly add up to a lot if the bride turns out to be a bridezilla with some expensive taste. My cousin won’t be a bridezilla but I can foresee a possible trip to Vegas for the bacholorette. I know that when it was my turn i was definitely not the average bride and I tried to do things as simply as possible. My cousin was one of my bridesmaid and she threw my a lovely bridal shower and bacholorette. My matron of honor was my sister who lives in another state but she also threw me a bacholorette when we were able to see each other. Pretty low key stuff but fun of course!

It looks like I’m going to have to plan my finances a bit around wedding stuff for the next year. Most of this will happen towards the wedding date but it will be useful for me to set aside some money for that time. So far I’ve been fortunate that the weddings I’ve been in have been pretty casual and low key. Both brides were mostly trying to save money. I’ve spent about $1000 for each including dress, airfare and gift included. It’ll be interesting to keep a tally going the third time around to see what the costs really are for being in the bridal party.


What’s the most you’ve ever spent on wedding related items when you were in the bridal party?


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