Shopping at the Outlets

Photo Credit: Prayitno/more than 2.5 millions views: thank you! via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Prayitno/more than 2.5 millions views: thank you! via Compfight cc

Going to the outlets is a shopper’s dream because of the guaranteed lower prices. There is almost a sense of adventure in going because if you love bargain hunting then this is a good place to find bargains on top of bargains. The staple outlet stores are almost always present in any outlet. Calvin Klein, Gap, Banana Republic, Nike, and other big brand name stores. I include myself in that group of people who like to go outlet shopping. Brand names for less and if things are on sale then even better!

It used to be that outlets would just carry the items that the normal stores couldn’t sell. Overstocked items and slightly defective were usually what you would expect to find. Now stores actually create different products for their outlet stores only. The fabric and materials aren’t as high quality as their normal products and there could be different styles. I know for sure that Banana Republic does this. Some of the stores at the outlet though are questionable because they seem priced exactly the same as the normal store.

Outlet shopping has really boomed in the last few years and is definitely a legit way to save money.

Big brands for less
Of course the whole allure of outlet shopping is being able to find bargains easily. Brand name items for lower prices than retail without having to wait for a sale or bargain hunt! It’s like an insta-sale! Who wouldn’t get sucked in? Even better if there is a sale at the outlets than you could potentially save more. That’s the magic of outlet shopping.

Always check it over before buying
Everything is going to be of lower quality possibly or have something wrong with it which is why it’s at the outlets in the first place. Most outlets are also pretty far away and are harder to get to if you have to return anything. I’m less cautious if I buy something at a normal store since usually I can easily return it. At outlets though I always make sure to try it on and to check the seams. It’s not a good deal if it has a huge hole in it after one wash. Or a big hole in it in the first place.

Normal stores sometimes still are better
Places like Banana Republic have higher quality items at their normal stores as compared to their outlet stores. While I still shop at both kinds of stores I always try to keep in mind that the quality is different. Plus sometimes BR has some really good sales and you can find some good deals there. Just have to be patient and wait for those sales to pop up!


There’s definitely the danger of buying too much because everything is a deal. Not everything is though but I’ll leave that up to your common sense to decide. I’m a fan!

Are you an outlet shopper?

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