It’s an Earthquake!!!

Photo Credit: mikepetrucci via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: mikepetrucci via Compfight cc

When an earthquake hits what are you supposed to do? Drop and roll? Duck under a table? Freeze? Run around the streets waving your arms around? What you’re supposed to do is stay calm and duck under a sturdy table to protect yourself from falling objects. I’ve been living in LA for the last six years and I actually haven’t done this yet!

I’ve experienced a good number of earthquakes and by no means are they fun to go through. Most though are over in a few seconds and aren’t very big. They are some where it feels like a jolt just went through the building. Others feel like a big truck just rumbled past. Then there are the rolling ones where you feel the ground swaying beneath you. There are tons of earthquakes every year but the majority of them are pretty small in intensity and while they are scary you just learn to live with them. Some of them are so quick that they are actually over before I even have time to react. I’ve never ducked under a table before since they’ve never been intense enough for me to feel in danger.

Just a week and a half ago there was actually a pretty intense earthquake. It was centered about an hour away from where I am so I didn’t feel much. My in-laws though felt the entire house shaking and they had items falling off the shelves. A lot of statues were broken. My aunt-in-law had a glass chandelier come crashing down in her house. Luckily no one was hurt. All this reminded me that I really needed to be more careful and prepared. If a big earthquake ever happened I would need to duck and cover and then also have a survival kit just in case.

Why a survival kit?
Anywhere that we live there is always some natural disaster that can occur. In LA it’s earthquakes that I have to worry about. Other places can be the same or tornados, hurricanes, volcanos etc etc. If something major happens and there’s major damage then basically you’re on your own for a little bit. Calling 911 won’t help because firemen and police will be out putting out major fires. In a city as large as LA they definitely wouldn’t be able to help everyone. Having food, first aid supplies, and other necessities will let me be prepared foe the worst.

Pre-made survival kits
At work there are two small red backpacks that are earthquake survival kits. I can definitely buy some pre-assembled kits that have a lot of necessary supplies and there are a lot of options to choose from. These kits start from $50 and go up depending on the amount of supplies. A bit pricey in my opinion but a good way to go if it’s the most convenient way to be prepared.

Putting together my own
I’d much rather take the time to put together a kit of my own! The kits do expire eventually so I would’ve needed to replace items as they do so. Plus I’d much prefer to get food that I could actually eat and enjoy rather than munching on an MRE. They last for 5 years or more but I haven’t heard good things about them.

The basic necessities of a kit include enough food and water to last each person three days. First aid kit and flashlights are also recommended. I grabbed some bottled water, canned beans, trail mix, granola bars, fruit bars, raw honey, and threw in some tools and first aid items. It was pretty easy to put together and it cost a lot less than a $50 kit. A few months from now I should probably rotate out the food and make sure everything is still okay to use though. At least I can munch on yummy granola bars rather than MRE’s!


Convenience always comes with a nice hefty price tag. No matter what the best way to keep as much of my money is to put the effort into making my own. Then again, I guess I won’t have the pleasure of pretending to be in the army anytime soon.

Are you prepared for anything? What kind of survival kit do you have?

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