$11 Organic, Raw, Fresh, Veggie and Fruit Juices

Photo Credit: Lori Greig via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Lori Greig via Compfight cc

Los Angeles is known for it’s love of healthy living and there is a high number of vegetarians and vegans living here. This includes a higher number of people who work out and eat healthy. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are extremely common and it’s easy to find juice bars and raw food places. I happen to work in an area where this health conscious lifestyle is very much the norm and it’s always interesting to see my coworkers drinking some very very bright green liquids. I’ve gone along with them to buy these healthy juices that contain all sorts of veggies and fruit.

Here’s the kicker to all this juice stuff…these juices cost $11 each!!!! I’m really not into paying that much for a drink even if its supposed to be the ultimate health booster. I’m certainly surrounded by plenty of people who drink this stuff almost every single day! When they feel the need for a boost they go buy an $11 juice. When they feel a cold coming on they buy an $11 juice. When they’ve eaten some bad junk food they go buy an $11 juice. Maybe one day I’ll try it just for the heck of it but it really amazes me that people pay so much for this stuff! I seriously have to wonder what’s in these juices that make people pay $11 for one.

What are these things?
The ones I’ve seen my coworkers drink are usually bright green with kale, spinach, chlorophyll and all sorts of veggies and fruit contained within it to boost your health. There are a few kinds formulated to help your health in certain ways. There was one to boost immunity, focus, to cure colds, and a few others I can’t think of. The premise behind it is logical to me as fruits and veggies contain a ton of nutrients and vitamins. Our American diet is definitely not the best thing for us and I’m sure these juices can help with out health. All the same these juices usually cost much more than a normal cup of orange juice and are usually sold in trendy areas where the prices are inflated.

Why do people buy them?
Apparently some of these are pretty nasty tasting as I almost always see my coworkers make a face after drinking them. Most of us have pretty busy lives and while we try to stay healthy it can be hard to eat right when you are working late. It’s a great way to make sure you get some healthy vitamins and nutrients by just drinking it rather than ensuring its in every meal. I get why they buy it but my frugal self won’t allow me to spend that much on juice.

How about I make my own?
I have a blender that was a gift from my wedding and I can totally make my own! One of my coworkers actually does this and brings in some green sludgy juice every morning. I’m not overly excited about healthy juices and I would never pay $11 for a glass of it, but I have tried making my own. I could just blend it up and strain out the pulp to make my own homemade juices. I’d imagine it would be much much cheaper than $11 a glass.

There are some people who go on a juice cleanse even and don’t eat solid foods for a week or so. Extreme juice diet that i know I could never go on! I wouldn’t last more than a few ours before rapidly consuming food.


What about you? Are you the kind of person who drinks these fresh and fancy juices?

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  1. $11 is for the organic veggies they use and all the good stuff they put into it. Plus the lifestyle and the area this juice place is in. It’s pretty crazy!

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