Running (or walking) an 8k Race!

 Photo Credit: Paolo Camera via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Paolo Camera via Compfight cc

Not all the goals I have are related to financial matters but I feel like it’s good to have different types of goals. For one I won’t be totally money focused and it helps me by opening up my options. I want to be a millionaire one day and I’ve always toyed with the idea of running a marathon! I’m not anywhere near to achieving that goal but I’ll be starting off with an 8k race soon! I have about 7 weeks to go until then and I started training last week so that I can do the best I can in the race. I’m certainly not expecting to win of course but I’m at least trying to run the entire 8k.

If I can make fulfill this goal of mine then it’ll give me fuel to keep going on all my other goals! This one is certainly much more short term and a lot of my financial goals stretch on for years and years…and years. It can be pretty daunting and at times it’s hard to keep going. Having smaller goals I can try to challenge myself and fulfill will definitely help me with keeping my morale up for longer term goals.

So I have to say that running really isn’t my thing. Surprisingly I was in track for two years in middle school and high school but I liked the short races more. The endurance type long races I didn’t like so much. Let’s say I like the idea of jogging as exercise but when doing it I tend to get bored! I don’t have a ton of stamina either. It’ll feel amazing to do this 8k and complete it! I don’t know if i will end up doing the entire thing straight through but I’ll certainly try.

One good motivator about starting with this 8k is that it’s going to be for a charity. Most races are usually for raising money for some non-profit so it makes it a bigger motivator to do the race. The other thing is that if I’m going to try doing a race then the best person to do this is with my sister! There’s nothing like siblings to motivate each other because siblings don’t mince words! We can be absolutely brutal with each other and not be lax about stopping when we start getting tired. Plus I don’t have to pay to register since my sister’s company should cover it! Yeah!

Seven weeks and I’ll see how well I do! I’m basically doing a mix of jogging and cardio for five days a week! So far so good!


What are some challenges you’ve set for yourself that are out of the norm?

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