Keeping my Pearly Whites Clean

Photo Credit: Julie K in Taiwan via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Julie K in Taiwan via Compfight cc

I feel like it was just yesterday that I went into the dentist’s office. Oh wait, it was yesterday! Even though I have a pretty good dental routine of flossing, brushing twice a day (and sometimes more), and using flouride mouthwash I still somehow got two lovely cavities. It could be genetic…and it could be a lot of other things like the fact that I like to eat way too much. Drilling and patching up my teeth only took less than an hour but the numbness didn’t wear off until five hours later. Always fun to poke my face and have a lopsided smile.

I’m really trying to do better about keeping my teeth all nice and clean. I have to admit that during my college days I probably should’ve been more careful. I’m paying for it now. Literally! While I do have dental insurance I still have to pay something out of pocket and that’s no fun. If only I had super teeth that never got cavities then I could have saved a ton of money.

Preventative care
Of course the first step to not having to do dental work is to make sure that I get my twice yearly dental cleanings. I’ve been pretty good on this part and have paid for out of pocket cleanings if I didn’t have dental insurance at the time. Luckily I have insurance now and it covers two cleanings a year plus x-rays too. Making sure I get those cleanings since then my teeth stay nice and if I do have cavities they are caught early on.

Good habits
I have good habits now but I didn’t always. When I get stressed or really tired those habits also tend to go on the wayside also. While I can’t turn back time to when I never had cavities ever I can at least try my best now to do all the things I’m supposed to be doing. Plus more too! Wouldn’t want to be that old lady who pops out her dentures in the middle of dinner to show it off!

Eating for your teeth
Drinking tea actually helps keep your mouth bacteria free and it’s good for your health! Eventually it’ll stain your teeth but since the majority of people drink coffee instead it’s actually the better option. We all know that sugar leads to cavities but so does carbs and veggies actually. It’s basically fuel for the bacteria living in our mouths to then give off some acid to erode our teeth. Eating less often is supposed to help because then your teeth have more time to recover. I’m not sure how this will work me but I’ll try!


I shelled out a $100 yesterday for my part in the dental care. I was trying my best to minimize and possibly even reverse the cavity damage but it was too late. Bye bye money! Hopefully good dental habits will keep future cavities away and keep mula in my pocket.

What’s the most you’ve ever had to shell out for a dental procedure?

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  1. This is one cute picture! 🙂 You are making great points there. I saw some stats somewhere and I was shocked to learn how many people are not brushing twice a day.

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