Perks of Working at a Small Business

Photo Credit: keith.bellvay via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: keith.bellvay via Compfight cc

Working for a small business with an employee size of less than twenty people is a lot different from working from a very large corporation. There aren’t as many perks and benefits but I generally like the vibe of a small business better. Some corporations are pretty over the top and have humongous campuses and are basically like a college campus! Free food, huge crazy coffee machines, free gyms and a lot more than that. I was able to visit Google recently and I was amazed by how much they offer their employees!!! I’d imagine that if you work for Google you’re basically there for 12 hours a day because of all the stuff they offer you. I’d also gain quite a lot of weight too!

Let’s compare what perks and benefits I get at work compared to Google. I’m not going to list our retirement or financial because I don’t have a good comparison with Google on that.

A little bit about the business I work for
The place I’m at had under twenty people in it and we’re all in one office. Nothing fancy there!

A little bit about Google
Google’s main campus is in Mountainview, CA which is a little bit away from San Francisco. They’ve got worldwide offices in many locations and who knows how many people working for them. The main campus alone has 25,000 people there.

The perks I get
-Free snacks and coffee

The perks Googlers get
-Free food and snacks from any of the 28 cafeterias (all with different food themes) and kitchens
-Free shuttle transportation from up to 2 hours away
-Free bicycles for use for getting round
-over 40 buildings on campus
-6 on site doctor’s offices and pharmacies
-9 gyms
-nap rooms
-massage room
-laundry and dry cleaning
-clubs of all types of interest to join

That list looks a bit lopsided doesn’t it? I took a tour through main campus that really made me feel like I was a freshmen touring my college campus. They told us a bunch of little tidbits and facts about Google and took us around the campus to different areas. Pretty cool stuff and it’s amazing that they actually can get work done with how much stuff they offer their employees. Of course this comparison of perks is very very skewed since I’m working at a tiny business and Google is a humongous one. If Google didn’t have more perks than the place I work at it would be pretty horrible.

No matter what though there are things that I can’t get at Google that I’m getting now. I love the place I’m at and the people I work with. Being at such a small business really means that everyone really does need to get along. Luckily I work with some great people who really are fun to work with every single day. It’s pretty tempting to move up the state and try to go to work for Google, but I bet that I wouldn’t see my husband very much anymore. I’d save a ton of money on food and massages for sure though!


What kind of perks do you get at your work? Is it like mine or more like Google?

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