Hummus Pita Pizzas

pitapizzasAnother weekday night dinner and this time we ate all vegetarian! I’ve been trying to eat less meat and do a vegetarian meal a week since it saves money and it ends up being healthier in the end. It’s a bit hard to convince my husband to do so since he loves his meat. Tonight seemed to be a success and I think it’s because of the fun factor of being able to put together whatever ingredients he wanted and the feta cheese too.

When going vegetarian its hard to be satisfied sometimes. So far I’ve found that a good way to make it more appealing is to incorporate some kind of cheese. Luckily my husband and I both love feta cheese and it’s a great option when eating vegetarian. If you can incorporate something you really like into a vegetarian dish then going meat-less really isn’t that hard then.

This is a mediterranean take on a pizza. Easy to create and yummy. Well I guess it’s more like a pita sandwich but on the outside. Either way however I call it, it was fun to do and quick for a weeknight meal.

Pita bread (whole wheat recommended)
hummus (2 kinds if you like)
cheese (feta cheese recommended)
assortment of cooked and non cooked vegetables (spinach, onions, peppers)
olives (diced)

1. Cook whatever vegetables you would like on this and prep and wash the raw stuff. We cooked some spinach, some red onions and peppers together, and then diced up some olives as a topping.
2. Toast up your pita bread!
3. To make a pita pizza, spread some hummus onto your pita, then top with whatever you like.
4. That’s all there is to it!

This was really fun because I made a few different variations of pita pizzas and it was really healthy. It’s a Wednesday night and all I want is a quick easy meal without too much prep work. Sometimes its nice to have a more elaborate cooked meal but other days its refreshing to just throw something simple together and not worry too much about it. We made these vegetarian but of course anything goes for ingredients.

What’s your most recent vegetarian creation?

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