Stress-Relief on the Cheap

Photo Credit: russteaches via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: russteaches via Compfight cc

Shopping to relieve stress really doesn’t work if you’re trying to save money. Total opposite of what I’m trying to do! Maybe one day when I’m really old and have millions just lying in my bank account that would be a viable option to relieve stress and buy gifts for my grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Then again I’m not what kind of stress I would be under since I should be retired by then. I just recently discovered a great way to relieve stress. It gets me outside, has been keeping me occupied for weeks, and is relatively free (other than start-up costs for equipment)! I’m now that woman on the weekends with a wide brimmed sunhat yanking out unwanted weeds in my yard now.

Unless you have a garden of your own it’s hard to understand why weeding can be so satisfactory. I’m making my yard a lot more beautiful and it just feels good to yank those weeds out. There’s a lot in my life that I can’t control but this is one thing that I can do! Best part is that other than the few gardening tools I bought to help me out a bit, it’s been entirely free to do. Doesn’t cost me much and I get direct instant gratification.

I’ve been able to find my substitute for shopping for stress relief and that’s great! I have to admit that even having good habits for spending (or lack of spending should I day) that there were time when I really felt like going to the store and buying something. It’s a behavior that’s hard to stamp out entirely especially since our society is so driven on consumerism. This is a great thing for me to find out because it replaces a bad habit with something else entirely. Just suppressing an urge doesn’t mean that it entirely disappears. It’s better to replace it with something else.

Bad habits die hard
Once you get a bad habit it’s really hard to stop doing it! Especially when it comes to habits that help you relieve stress. Shopping is one common thing people do and so is eating a lot. I definitely eat a lot of junk food when I’m stressed out and I’ve been trying to curb that. So far…some success but overall it only works if the stress dies down too.

Replace a bad habit with a good one
I’ve found that if I have a bad habit it’s easier to try to replace it with a good habit rather than just getting rid of that bad habit. So now when I’m stressed out I go pull out some weeds. Still haven’t figured out what to do when I’m eating too much junk food but I’ll eventually figure something out.

Find what works for you
No solution will ever work the same for each person and you just have to figure out something that will work for you. For me it was finding something else to do to fill that satisfaction I used to get from impulse shopping.


Funny how life works out and the things I find myself doing now. I’m on my way to becoming a millionaire someday and if weeding helps me get there then I guess it’s worth doing!

What are some bad money spending habits you’ve been able to replace with something good?

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