Watching my Investments

I’ve been doing something I know I shouldn’t be but it’s so hard to resist! I started putting money into investments as a long term way to build wealth through mutual funds. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but I didn’t manage to do it until recently. I only have a small amount in there and I know that logically its going to take time to grow. I need to consistently contribute to my funds and if I check it every day it really won’t change much.

Things I don’t like so much about investing

There are days when it’ll seem like I’ve earned a lot and there might be days (hopefully not) where my investments have dipped. It’s still pretty early on and I’m a new investor so it’s exciting and a bit nerve wracking at the same time.

I’m not the only one I know who is doing this. My friend also started investing after I told her about how I did it and why and she’s been doing the same! At least we have each other to talk about it with.  With mutual funds for investments and retirement its really a long term plan and day by day wont matter. Checking your accounts is important but there is a lot of fluxuation in the market. To save my sanity I’ve been slowly making myself check only every so often. On the first week I checked nearly every single day and now I check maybe every few days. Well it’s also due to the fact that work is extremely busy and I haven’t had time to think about my investments!

As the months pass by I know I’ll eventually get to the point where I won’t be checking so often. It’s fun to see how much I’ve earned but it really doesn’t matter until the dividends get deposited into my account. Plus of course there’s the chance it could go into the negative. It’s a risk but that’s why I’m in it for the long term so that it has a chance to rebound if that every happens.

Things I love about investing so far

It’ll take time but statistically mutual funds perform very well. With the way I’m investing my money is spread across many mutual funds to lesson my risk. It’ll grow slowly but eventually after years of contributing I’ll have a nice chunk of change there. Passive income! Basically my money will be working for me if I keep going on this path.

It makes me really excited to see where this ends up a few years from and further down the line. I’m hoping that this can be a small source of side income eventually down the line. This will give my husband and I more options when it comes to working and perhaps when we start a family we can more comfortably spend less time working. If one of us doesn’t work for a little bit it’ll be a lot less stressful knowing we have an additional small side income coming in rather just having pressure fall onto one person’s shoulders.

Betterment was extremely easy to use and so far I love it! It was fast setting up my account and it’s easy to transfer money. It feels like an online savings account honestly and the biggest difference is that the money isn’t FDIC insured against loss. That and of course if this works I’ll make a lot more money than waiting for interest to pile up. I really wish I had been able to start this up so much earlier!


For now I’ll keep checking Betterment whenever I feel like but I know eventually the newness will wear off and it’ll become part of my weekly routine. It’s important to check up on my accounts but doing so every day is just a bit much. The most important to do now is to consistently keep adding to my investments and just wait for the market to do its thing.


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