Bringing Life back into Old Curtains

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc

When I moved into my new house I wanted to switch out everything so that everything would be ours. We’ve really done a lot to this place and its been a huge transformation since we first bought this place. Only a few things are left for us to do and I’m now looking at everything in a different way. This is our very first home together so obviously we’re super excited and really wanted to make it ours. After tons of money flowing out of our bank account though, it’s time I took a second look at items in this house that can be re-used instead of replaced.

One thing the last homeowner left behind is some white curtains that have some eyelets at the bottom. Not very modern curtains and not my ideal of course. Originally I had thought that I could just make my own. After tons of home fixes and renovations my energy is starting to flag and I’m looking at these curtains and wondering what I could do with them instead. They are a bit old and yellowed, and some of the ribbon at the bottom has been ripped. If I can save these though and just refresh them a bit I could save a ton of money, time, and not have to throw anything into the trash pile.

Still usable
First of all these curtains aren’t in bad condition at all. A bit old and yellowed but a good wash and some time in the sun will help brighten them up. The ones we have are of various sizes and fit different windows so it would be a pain to get new curtains of the correct sizes too. They aren’t exactly what I would buy but hey they’re curtains! One day years from now if I’m feeling like a new change then its a great way to liven up the decor. For now they work.

Curtains can be pricey
One big factor when deciding if I wanted to replace all of them is just the money. I would have to get five sets of curtains which would cost approximately $100 at the least. At Crate & Barrel they can be much much more than that even. Might as well save the money and use it towards something else I actually need now. Or let that money grow in an investment account!

Time saving
I was thinking of hand sewing curtains but that would take forever of course. Most likely I would have tried to borrow a sewing machine but it still takes time to create five sets of curtains. Perhaps not he best use of my time.

Earth friendly
Sure I could donate the curtains to Goodwill and hope that someone else would buy them and reuse them. There’s no guarantee they would sell though so the best way to ensure that they aren’t tossed into a trash pile is to spruce them up and use them myself. Reuse, reduce, and recycle is the phrase. I shouldn’t throw away decent curtains just because they aren’t exactly perfect. I honestly barely notice them!


One some nice sunny weekend I’ll wash them up, hang them up to dry in the sun to bleach, and then add my own personal touch by adding new ribbon to it. Much easier and I’m going to save that money!

What kind of items have you reused before that you were going to throw out?

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