Renting my Wedding Dress

Christine&Barry-wedding-139I have two wedding coming up this year in the next 30 days. It’s probably safe to say that the wedding season has begun! It certainly brings back memories of my wedding even though it hasn’t been a year yet! Our one year anniversary will actually be near the end of March! Pretty crazy to think that I’ve almost been married a year now. Time has flown by so fast and it really hasn’t felt like a year.

Planning the wedding was definitely a lot of work and so much went into it. Then the entire day flew by and almost everything went perfectly. There’s so much to think about and do before the day of the wedding. Most people really don’t understand how much goes into all the preparation and planning for a wedding and I found that talking to married people helped me the most. Every couple does things differently and each person has certain things they spend more on and other things they are willing to sacrifice.

When it came to the wedding dress I decided that I wouldn’t go the traditional route and buy a dress. Instead this was an area where I felt I could save some money and rent it instead! I don’t recall where I found out that I could even rent a wedding dress but I did and it really worked out for me. I’m not a woman who is focused very much on fashion but of course I wanted a beautiful dress. There’s only a small rare number of woman who don’t! I rented a beautiful dress, saved a lot of money, and saved myself a lot of hassle!

I knew that I wanted to check out a dress rental place but I also wanted to have fun while picking out a wedding dress. There are so many different styles and being able to go with a few close friends is always fun! I gathered up a few of my friends and went to David’s Bridal where I knew they would have a variety of dress styles and would allow me to try on as many as I liked. I tried on at least ten dresses and knew what style I was looking for and got a lot of fun photos out of it.

Buying versus renting
Depending on the dress rental location there might be a lot of options or very little. Going to a bridal shop you’re most likely going to have a lot more options. Of course buying it means that you get to keep the dress but what are you going to do with it after the wedding day? If there aren’t a lot of dress rental options in the area then you might not have a choice but to buy your dress. Even then you could potentially get a used one instead of paying for a brand new one. I’m not a super sentimental person when it comes to clothing so for me renting was the better option. LA is a large city so there are also a good number of dress rental places to choose from. I also love that I’m reusing a dress so that of course helps with my earth-friendly nature. The dress rental store takes good care of the dresses so that they can be reused as many times as possible.

How much does it cost?
David’s Bridal is one of the most inexpensive places I know of to buy a dress and even then you can spend a few hundred to over a thousand. If I got lucky I could potentially pick one up on sale for $100 like my sister did. I would still need to factor in $200 for alterations and then $200 afterwards for cleaning though. Plus $50 for the cost of a veil.

Renting a dress cost $100-$300 before tax and included alterations, cleaning, and a veil!

How does it work?
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I looked up reviews and then decided on the best place to start at. I certainly wasn’t expecting to pick out a beautiful dress right away! There was a wide variety of dresses and I knew what styles to look for since I had tried on a lot at David’s Bridal already. I ended up with a Maggie Sottero designer dress that would’ve cost me about $1500 new. It was definitely older since I couldn’t find it on Google anymore but it was in very good shape!

This particular dress rented at $300 before tax. I put down a 50% deposit the day I picked it out and then they held it for me until my wedding day. Two weeks before I went in for a fitting with my wedding shoes and they made minor alterations. One thing to keep in mind with rentals is that they can only do so many alterations to the dress. With a dress you buy you can alter it a lot more since the store isn’t trying to make more money off of it. Two days before I picked up my dress and then returned it a few days after the day! As long as I didn’t get any oil stains on it and no rips I was good to go on it.


I loved how much money I saved by renting a dress instead of buying it. It made it so much simpler to that they did the alterations for me and gave me a veil. If I had bought a dress at David’s bridal for $100 (if I got lucky) I still would’ve had to pay a few hundred more for alterations and cleaning. The quality of the dress would’ve been much lower also. By renting I was able to wear a dress that was worth a lot more than I would’ve spent.

What did you do when it came to your wedding dress? Did you buy one or did you rent it?

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