Boy’s Trip to Vegas

Photo Credit: brianjmatis via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: brianjmatis via Compfight cc

I’m obviously not in Vegas right now since I’m female, but my husband is on a bachelor party weekend right now! Inevitably I had to make that joke about not getting a tattoo on his face after the first night. The Hangover has definitely really pushed the limits of what a bachelor party is and what things could go entirely wrong. I don’t want to know everything that they’re doing and I’m sure my husband won’t tell me every little detail.

Trips like this are out of the norm for budget minded people. I have to say that it’s probably going to end up being a hefty price tag by the time they get home. It only happens once though in each person life (well as in people getting married once, not only one bachelor party ever) and the groom to be is a long time friend. It’s okay to let loose for this special occasion but I still can’t help but wonder how much money will be sunk in Vegas.

So let’s start the guessing game! Fyi the party started yesterday and ends on Sunday.

Transportation $75
I’m driving the corolla this weekend and he took off with the Prius and the groom to be. Normal time to drive to Vegas from LA is about 4 hours, which would be half the gas tank. Unfortunately with all the rain we’ve been having people have been driving worse than normal so I’m guessing he’s going to get a fill-up before coming back. Estimate 1.75 tanks of gas.

Gambling $50
It’s Vegas and while I don’t gamble very much at all I know other people do. I’m sure a big group of guys is going to sit down at some tablet at some point to try to win some money. Since the odds are against them most likely they’ll lose…but hopefully my husband will win and come back with more money than he Left with!

Clubbing $0
Last night all the men (boys?) went out clubbing which is extremely pricey for a group of men. Girls get into clubs pretty easily with a cover charge or none at all. Not so for guys though and especially a big group of guys. Just doesn’t work for the club’s interest to bring people in. In order to get into a Vegas club each guy had to buy a $100 VIP ticket to get in. Luckily for me my husband fell asleep last night and didn’t end up going.

Food and drinks $350
I think I’ll be generous here in my musings since its the last time the groom to be will be able to party it up as a single man. They’ll be going all out and eating some pricey food and ordering tons of drinks.

Hotel $140
It’s a group of 8 guys so they were able to share some space together. That’s the good part about going to Vegas in a group is being able to split the cost of a hotel. It’s also not prime tourist season right now so not as bad as in the summer.

Miscellaneous $100
I’m not a guy so I can’t predict everything that they will end up doing so I’ll just throw in an extra hundred for fun. Strip club? Cigars? Who knows.

Grand total $715
Ouch…I’m hoping that it really won’t be this much mula since I’m overestimating. I won’t know everything that happens over this weekend but I’ll find out how much he spent at least.


How much money do you think would be spent during a bachelor’s weekend in Vegas?

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