Returning items you don’t want

Photo Credit: redwood 1 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: redwood 1 via Compfight cc

We’ve all been guilty of buying something we don’t really need and regretting it later on. At the moment in the store it feels like you have to buy it right then and there. You buy it, run home and then start using it right away. Soon after the excitement wears off and you realize that you really never should have bought it and then wish you had saved the money instead. Definitely something I’ve done plenty of times before but I’m trying to do better with. I’m always trying to make sure I actually go back to the store to get my money back before the return period ends.

I’m usually pretty good about returning items I don’t want but there have been times when the time period for returns expires and I’m stuck with something I don’t want. Usually that has happened during busy moments in my life where I didn’t have the attention span to remember. It happens to everyone now and then but it’s not a great feeling when I realize it! Also the longer I wait to return something means the longer I don’t have that money.

Should you really buy it?
Of course the best way to not have to bother with returns is to not buy it in the first place! I try to be careful with my money and not give into impulses. A lot of times I’ll see something I like and then think about if I really need it and how much I would like it in a few days. If I do end up getting it of course I keep the receipt just in case!

Return it as soon as possible
The sooner I can get my money back the better. If my returns pile up it’s basically like a pile of cash just sitting in a corner of my house. Plus this means that I don’t have to worry about the return policy expiring and I’ll have money in my pocket to save or buy something else I actually want.

Know the return policy
Every store is different in their return and exchange policies. Some store don’t even let you return anything so I try to be super careful when buying something there. Some stores have only two weeks for returns and then others could be much longer. My purchasing decisions are sometimes influenced by how good the return policy is too. Nordstrom’s is a great place for indecisive people!

Keep it in the car
I feel like I always end up stopping by somewhere unexpectedly and then realizing that I have something to return but I didn’t bring it! I usually try to toss anything I want to return into my car so that I have it whenever I need it. Of course there’s always the risk that you’ll forget about it in the car, but it also could get buried somewhere in your place too. Most of the time this tactic works for me.


Have you ever forgotten to return something and ended up keeping an item you didn’t want?

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