Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Photo Credit: kamshots via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: kamshots via Compfight cc

Not even two weeks ago a for sale sign was put up in our neighbor’s yard. I’ve actually never met the neighbor’s on that side of my house but I have met the other neighbors. It’s strange because I’ve never actually even seen them before until the for sale sign went up! In a way they were perfect neighbors because we never saw them and they never made any noise at all.

Just this Saturday I was doing some yard work when I noticed a young woman with a baby looking at the house with her real estate agent. Then a man who looked very much like an inspector came out to talk to them. It looks like this could be my new potential neighbor! Online it says that the sale is pending. This could be a great thing for us. Haven’t seen the husband yet but the woman seems to be only a little bit older than me. Since we’re going to be living in this house for awhile it’s important to have neighbors that we get along with. Plus ones that we’ve seen and have met before too!

I can get by with just going on my days without any interactions with my neighbors but having a good relationship can be important in many ways. After all there isn’t a soundproof wall between my house and theirs. So far I’ve been trying to establish a good relationship by warning my neighbors of anything that might be happening on the side of the house next to theirs. The one I’ve met has a boy about 10 years old that frequently plays near the side of the house. Always good to warn him if we’re doing any work there so he doesn’t get hurt or anything.

What other benefits can come from knowing your neighbors and having a good relationship with them?

Neighborhood watch
If you know your neighbors and they know you well then you’re more likely to help them out when they’re away on vacation or you see suspicious activity. If they know you well then obviously if someone is lurking round our house and we’re nowhere in sight then they’ll call the police. If the relationship is really good then perhaps you can watch their house while they’re away or vice versa.

Sharing walls
There are some things that you do on your property that can affect your neighbor and the same in reverse. For example building the wall between yard is something that usually both neighbors need to agree upon. I’m not sure if both would share the cost but that’s possible too.

Better neighborhood value
The house on sale isn’t in great condition and will need a lot of renovation most likely. That’s good for us since it will make our block look better and possible bring up the value of our house a tiny bit.If all the houses on a street look great and well maintained then the houses will all be worth a lot more than a run down street.


Hopefully our future neighbors will be awesome! I’ll have to make sure to bake (or buy) some cookies and bring it over to welcome them to the neighborhood. A bit strange that the house next door went on sale less than 2 months after we moved in, but hey it could use some updating!

How are your neighborly relationships?

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