Watching the Olympics

Photo Credit: geckoam via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: geckoam via Compfight cc

It’s almost the end of the 2014 winter olympics and I’ve just been glued to the tv watching as much as possible. There’s so many events and variations that I always find something new and interesting. I learned about skeleton which is just a crazy event! It’s been around but I’ve never seen it until recently. It’s like the luge but the person does the entire event on a tiny sled head first!

The olympics are so inspirational to watch because every single athlete competing has worked so hard to get there. They’ve all sacrificed many things and had to have extremely strong discipline in order to excel at their sport. Not even all of them win a medal and many times only the top people are even known. I can’t even imagine how much practice and years of hard work they have to go through to get to the top of their sport. They must’ve had to forgo going out with friends, vacations, and so many other things. Pretty crazy to think about!

I’m watching the closing ceremonies now and now I’m wondering what I’m going to do tomorrow night! I’ve had free entertainment for 2 weeks now. Everything I’ve seen has been pretty amazing and being glued to the couch has certainly helped me to not spend money. My tv has been on for longer than usual but it’s an energy efficient model that doesn’t use too much electricity.

I can’t wait for the next olympics in 2 years! I’m not big on tv and I don’t watch a ton but this is definitely an exception. It’s watching people at their best and it makes me want to do the best too.

Have you been watching the olympics these past two weeks?


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