Loving the Discount Designer (Possibly) Stores

Photo Credit: emily katherine may via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: emily katherine may via Compfight cc

My second part-time job while I was still in high school was at a T.J. Maxx about 15 minutes away from where I lived. I loved being able to get a 10% discount off everything and being one of the first to see the new stock rolling in. We would save items we liked for ourselves and buy it later on. Needless to say a lot of the money I made from that job went right back into the store. There were always crazy people shopping there and we always had to work so hard to keep the store clean and organized. There’s something about a discount store that makes people crazy and careless. There was one woman who would come in right before closing, ignore all our closing announcements, and wouldn’t come to the register until one of of found her 45 minutes after closing. Of course she also had huge bags of returns and a filled cart of items for checkout.

Even with crazy shoppers it was a still a great place to find good deals. If you have never been in a T.J. Maxx or Homegoods then you don’t know what you’re missing! Of course you also have to find a good one in a nicer neighborhood. This way the store will be nicer, cleaner, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time finding deals. I certainly love going to Homegoods to buy things for the house and spent a lot of money there. You can find a lot of good discount deals here on items that were overstock or had something slightly wrong with it. 99% of the time you won’t even know what’s wrong with it but the price is usually at least 25% retail! It makes it very easy to go overboard though and there are still certain things to be wary about.

Always look at the clearance section
Homegoods separates its clearance sections usually into 4 sections that are throughout the store. They have big clearance signs hanging from the ceiling so its easy to find it. I generally make a beeline to these sections first to see what I can find. What’s better than buying discounted goods? Buying discounted items that are even more discounted!

Inspect for obvious defects
Some of the items they have in stock are there because there is a small defect. For most you won’t notice but always inspect everything before you buy it. The rug I have right inside the front door has one small defect that’s barely noticeable. I almost bought a picture frame but then put it aside when one edge came apart. If you grab anything from the clearance section be especially diligent as these items can be missing pieces or be broken.

Ask for a discount if there’s an obvious defect or flaw
If the defect is pretty big or if the item has a small dent ask for a discount! Most times even if there’s nothing wrong functionally they will give it to you. That’s another 10% shaved off the price and more money in your pocket! Actually this is something you should ask at any store!

Dig and take your time to find good bargains
I’ve found a lot of items I never thought I would find here. Fancy cheese plate and knives sets, Simplehuman automatic soap dispensers, Simplehuman trash cans, Jonathon Adler stuff, and etc etc. I didn’t buy all of that but normally the retail price is pretty hefty. The store won’t be labeling everything that is designer so you’ll have to find it yourself usually. The stock is pretty varied and changes all the time so each time I go in it’s like a treasure hunt!

Save money on stuff even cheaper than at Target
I bought some baskets for storage at Homegoods that ended up being a little bit cheaper than at Target. Many things in fact are cheaper! For example 300 thread count cotton sheets for $30 instead of $35. I consider Target a pretty good store overall for pricing but sometimes Homegoods beats them out.


It’s great being able to find higher quality items for a lower price! Sometimes it can be pretty crazy inside the store but I tend to go at night after dinner time and it’s pretty calm. The store also tends to be cleaner and more organized because employees have had time to clean up a bit. Makes for a good shopping experience and if you find something special you won’t end up spending a ton of money!

Are you a Homegoods shopper? What are the best items you’ve found there?

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