Tips for Valentine’s Day Celebrating

Photo Credit: jpellgen via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jpellgen via Compfight cc

This week has barely started but Valentine’s day is coming right up this week on Friday! I was in my car today and I heard on the radio that the average amount a person spends on a gift for V-day is $120. Whoa! Admittedly my husband has probably spent that much or more on a gift for yours truly, but since we’ve been together for 5+ years now we don’t do the gifts thing anymore. A nice dinner out at a restaurant we like together is enough to celebrate together.

Valentine’s day really is a commercial holiday now where businesses are trying to make a ton of money off us lovesick people. Nice gifts, cards, flowers, and of course a nice dinner are the norm. It can be pretty stressful coming up with something wonderful to do for your significant other and spending all that dough. In a way it would be better if it didn’t exist! There’s already birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate and plan for! Since it does exist and its right around the corner here a few thing we do to enjoy ourselves and save some money.

Celebrate the day before or after
We’ve gone out for Valentine’s day dinner and had a horrible time and wasted so much money. Restaurants have a lovely prixe fixe menu usually that you must order and of course the food is going to turn out to be not as great as it should be because the restaurant is packed! Some places don’t even have the regular menu available and force all diners to order their prixe fixe! It’s not worth going out on the day of because everything is pricey and the restaurants are packed. Even with reservations there will most likely be a wait time. Service is going to be rushed and the food just won’t be up to par. I usually end up going out the day before or the days after. This saves us a lot of stress and some mula too! Makes for a much more enjoyable experience.

Buy gifts after the day
If I was exchanging gift this year I wouldn’t mind this. This only works though if both of you are on board with this. We all know that prices are inflated and that the product you buy is exactly the same the day after but cheaper. For the price of one box of chocolates…perhaps you can afford two instead. When it comes to something like that quantity and quality matter! Spoken from a true chocolate fiend.

Homemade can be more heartfelt
If your guy or gal is the type to be wowwed by something you made yourself then do it! The most memorable gifts are usually the one you put a ton of time into. Mixed tapes anyone? I never got one of those but if I did I would remember it! The entire homemade aspect really does eclipse almost anything you can buy. Time does equal money and whatever it is will be entirely unique.

Don’t buy something just because it’s expensive
The best example of something expensive that might not be worth it is chocolate. There are a lot of designer chocolate brands that don’t really use high quality cocoa but still sell their stuff at high prices because of the branding. I myself love chocolate and do buy some of the fancier higher priced stuff, but I definitely can tell the difference between good and bad. With that said, if your intended doesn’t love chocolate, then don’t bother buying any just because its the usual Valentine’s gift to buy.

When it comes to jewelry I do happen to have a couple of sterling silver things from Tiffany’s, but I would have been fine with something lower priced. I appreciate the fact that my husband wanted me to have something really nice, but knowing how much it costs makes feel a bit quilty. This was towards the very beginning our of relationship. I would’nt let him buy anything from there now for sure! It’s always nice to keep in mind the other person’s preference. It doesn’t always have to be the priciest option to make them happy.


A few more days to go and then I can hit up the stores to gather up the clearance Valentine’s day items! More chocolate for me! I’m excited for the new restaurant we’re going to try on Thursday and glad we’ll be avoiding the crowds. Stress free holiday!

What will you be doing for your Valentine’s day sweetheart?



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