Superbowl Sunday – a Great Time to Spend some Green

Photo Credit: deVos via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: deVos via Compfight cc

I’m tuned into the tv right now watching the Superbowl as almost every other American is. I’m definitely not a football fan and I don’t even understand everything that goes on during the game! I get the gist of it and its fun to watch on this day, but I have to say I’m mostly in it for the food and the commercials. I’m one of those! I’m sure a ton of other people are just like me and enjoy Superbowl Sunday because of all the good food involved and the interesting commercials. I’m rooting for Seattle today but only because I have a lot of family there. I’ve never been to Colorado before.

Today is basically a national holiday that isn’t officially declared a national holiday. People have been out in droves this morning trying to buy the last of what food they need and getting errands done so that they can watch the game. I’m sure that sales at stores have been pretty darn good.

Let’s talk about the commercials though! Companies are busting out their best commercials and paying a ton for them! How many people actually watch the Superbowl and are the commercials worth it? Do they boost sales even if the commercials isn’t that great? I did some digging round to find out if my assumptions were true.

The cost of an average 30 second prime time commercial comes in at $110,000! Not an easy amount of money to come by for the average person but probably not a lot to a large business. When businesses are making millions a year I’m sure that’s considered affordable. So how much is the Superbowl charging for a 30 sec spot right now? Try $4 million! I’m hoping to reach millionaire status one day so $4 million is an absolutely mind boggling amount for me. For 30 seconds companies pay $4 million dollars.

That’s a lot of money but thinking about it I’m sure it’s worth it. Nearly everyone in this country is tuned into the Superbowl and many are just watching solely for the commercials. If you’re looking for your next car it’s a great time to see what your options are since almost half the commercials are from car companies. Some aren’t even about the cars they have but more about the value and culture of the company. So far the most memorable car commercial for me has been the one from Maserati. Great setup and story and I didn’t even suspect it to be a car commercial until the Maserati comes shooting out near the end. If a company can make a memorable commercial for the Superbowl, either extremely bad or really great, then that commercial will linger on for weeks after today. With that much exposure sales will go up and even if not right away companies could win new customers for the future. The half time show is featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars performing together. Their music sales will see a spike in sales if it hasn’t already.

Today is a great day for free entertainment and for companies to sell their goods to you. Even if you don’t care about football at all I’m sure you’re doing something related to the Superbowl today! If you are watching keep a close eye on your wallet so you don’t get swayed by all the great commercials. I for one will not be buying Wonderful Pistachios anytime soon because that commercial just creeped me out. I remember the commercial though!

What Superbowl commercial was most memorable to you? Did any of them make you want to run out and buy something right now?

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