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Photo Credit: marktrash via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: marktrash via Compfight cc

After getting married a lot of things have changed for sure! The whole concept of marriage is pretty mind boggling in itself and comes with a lot of different things. We’ve combined our finances, bought a house together, work towards goals and etc etc. Of course people who aren’t married can do the same and we were doing some of this before, but when you get married it’s pretty much expected for many couples.

Including those items we now share, we also now share our cars! Or car buying choices are now up to both of us and we drive whichever car makes the most sense for our commute. I mostly drive the Prius V now since I unfortunately have the longer commute to work. I would love to be able to reverse that situation but of course I don’t want to leave the place I work. My husband has always driven cars that were nicer and with more power than the average car. He now drives a 2006 Corolla that has been blinged out in cute. There is a pink monkey antennae ball (a must have in LA to find this car in the parking lot), a Snoopy steering wall cover, a pink ninja bobblehead, a smiling samurai bobblehead, a cute sticker of Kuromi (Sanrio character) on one of the back windows, and there used to be Hello Kitty in places too. Definitely a big change of pace for him! All those items will probably be moved out of that car very soon.

The biggest sacrifice has definitely been on my husband’s part, but he’s taking it well. There are a lot of advantages to being able to share cars and having the flexibility to drive which car we need to.

Saving on car insurance
The best thing about combining car insurance and putting both of our names under each car is that we save money on our premiums. We also don’t have to worry about anything happening to our cars if the other person drives it and isn’t covered. Just grab the right key and pick a car to drive.

Save money by saving gas
Both of our cars are pretty gas efficient but of course the Prius trumps the Corolla. The Corolla does get an average of 32mpg so it’s no gas guzzler but the Prius gets 50mpg. For longer drives we take the Prius. Whoever has the longer work commute also gets to drive the Prius.

Hauling more or less
Both car styles are different and can be used for different purposes. The Prius is a hatchback style and has more room for hauling stuff around. The Corolla has a trunk where we can put items that we don’t want people seeing. The Prius does have a cover for its trunk area but it’s not that tall and larger objects stick out. It’s also not the best idea to take a hatchback to a hazardous waste drop off. Don’t really want the trunk to be connected to the rest of the car when hauling hazardous stuff.


It’s worked out pretty well for us to share cars and be more versatile in which car we can drive. We’ve definitely saved a ton of money. Since then we’ve also changed from a more traditional gas guzzling car to the earth friend Prius too though. We tended to use the gas guzzling car more often because my husband drove more often. It was a lot more fun and comfortable to drive than a Corolla for sure.

Do you share cars with anyone? If so how do you work it to your advantage?

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