Being Able to Enjoy My Work Days

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc

It’s been a very long work week for me and it’s even extended into the weekend! I’m not the only one at my company who is working overtime though and others in my company are doing it too. I can’t believe how fast this week has passed! Yesterday after leaving I found myself sitting astride a Ducati and thinking about $6 cheeseburgers. Random? Very much so. Someone we work with owns the Ducati and we all went to check it out after work. He let me sit on it for fun. Then my other coworkers were going to go to a dive bar and eat cheeseburgers. As much as I wanted to I knew if I went with them I probably wouldn’t be making it back home that night and be well rested enough to keep working over the weekend.

Now here’s the whole point about my ramblings about work. I’m actually totally fine and happy to be working so hard! I’ve been through my fair share of jobs where it just wasn’t quite the right fit or it wasn’t what I was looking for. I’ve worked overtime at companies on horrible projects that no one should have to work on and for clients that are extremely demanding. I would be unhappy and utterly exhausted and would just wish for the clock to tick by faster. Even if it wasn’t a bad job or a bad place not all the pieces would fall into place.

Ever since I’ve been at my current place though it’s been entirely different! It makes a huge difference when personal and work life are going well! I’ve been lucky enough that my personal life has always pretty good overall, but I’ve been searching for the right work place! At my lowest moments I wondered if there ever was going to be a place I loved working at. Where there was a perfect balance of good people, good projects to work on, and a great company to work for. Working late isn’t something I complain about or about a boring project. I’ve finally found a place that has what I’m looking for and it’s really changed things for me.

Opens up possibilities
When you love what you do and the place you work at then you’re really going to be doing your best. It’s hard to be working my butt off for a company that won’t appreciate me. If a project is dull then it’s going to be a painful slog through the entire thing. I can do the best I can but obviously if it’s something I love doing my work will end up being so much better. Who knows what I could eventually end up doing if there are not limits? Already I can see myself improving in so many ways and it’s only been a little more than three months. I’m more passionate about everything and I have more energy even if it’s been a long day.

Money matters but do does happiness
I’ve always stuck with smaller companies even though there are plenty of larger companies that I could potentially work for. It’s not what I want though and even though I could make a lot more at a large corporation I wouldn’t be very happy doing so. There might be a time in the future when my wants change, but for now this is what is making me happy.

Keep searching for something you love and believe in
I’m the type of person who believes that I can find something I love doing and make money off of it. It’s an entirely foreign concept to many though including my own parents. They are of the mindset that as long as you have a job it’s okay even if you’re unhappy. My career choices have definitely been a big source of headaches for them. Compared to my sister especially who has been at the same company for years whereas I’m at my fourth. I’m also younger than her too. Little do they know that others in my industry usually change jobs more frequently than that.


I’m so very lucky that my career has worked out and I haven’t had to switch tracks. Even so it’s been tough going at times and I have contemplated on switching careers. In the end though I do love what I do but I just had the find the right place to do it!

Since we all need to earn money somehow at least the best thing to do is find something you love to do and do it! The money you earn from working so hard at something you love becomes so much more meaningful. I’m not working in order to live, I’m working and living at the same time.

Have you been able to find the perfect workplace for you?

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