Drought Measures

Photo Credit: Tim J Keegan via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Tim J Keegan via Compfight cc

Los Angeles always seems to be on the brink of a drought with low rainfall and the high temperatures. Wildfires are a pretty common occurrence around here and sometimes  can see a big plume of smoke in the mountains. It’s usually on the outskirts of the city but it still destroys people’s homes since LA is so widespread. The most recent fire was actually started by three men who were trying to start a campfire.

My daily life is filled with habits to use the least amount of water possible. My habits when I brush my teeth, wash my hands, and shower and how the lawn gets watered are all geared toward conservation. Owning a house means that I’m paying for all the water so all these good habits mean I save money. I try to use as little water as possible so I’m not quite sure where to cut down when LA residents are urged to use less water because we are in a drought. The more we conserve also means more water can be directed toward putting out fires.

It’s always good to take a second look at what I’m doing and re-evaluate to see if I missed anything! For today I’ll try to see what I can do to conserve even more water. This of course can apply to everything you’re doing in your life. Life is constantly changing so I’m constantly updating my budgets and adjusting my goals. If you happen to reach your goals then of course you can cross it off the list, but if you’re in the middle of reaching one it’s good to take a step back and see if you’re still on track.

Goals can change
There are times when I set a goal and halfway through I realize that I don’t really quite want the same thing anymore. Either the goal is something I entirely don’t wish to achieve anymore or it has evolved into something else. I love being able to reach a goal and have that sense of achievement, but if it ends up being something I don’t want anymore it’s lost some of its meaning.

Little things can creep in
At the very beginning of starting to reach a goal I’m very attentive and focused on what I’m doing. A few months in I’ll be a little bit more relaxed about it and my guard will be down more. This is when things can creep in to veer me away from my goal. If my goal is to save a ton of money it could be anything from eating out too much again to forgetting to use coupons. It’s really hard to keep the momentum going so re-evaluating after some time has passed will set you back on track.

Staying flexible
There are very few people who can stick to a goal and never stray from the path they’ve chosen to take. I’m not one of those people and I do stray every now and then. The important thing is not to beat myself over it though! Just get back to what I was doing before and keep on going.

I’ll try my best to achieve my goals but not totally deprive myself over them. In terms of water conservation I could technically go without watering my plants and the grass and save a ton of water that way. Everything would be dead then and it would take a lot of effort to bring it all back to life! I have the slow growing drought resistant grass anyway so it doesn’t take as much water as other grass types. One day I may consider putting in a desert garden instead which would need a lot less water to stay alive.

What goals do you have that you have re-evaluated and changed?

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