Saving Money so I can do More

To raise money for its shelters, this company created a website where you can name items in the shelter and learn how it helps people get back on their feet.
To raise money for its shelters, this company created a website where you can name items in the shelter and learn how it helps people get back on their feet.

Wait a minute…doesn’t the entire concept of saving money mean that you’re going to be doing less? Saving money does mean that you buy items on sale and that you go out less. I like to think of it in a different way though that saving money means I can make my money go further and that I can do more with it. This doesn’t mean that if I save $5 I’m going to automatically turn around and spend $5 somewhere else. It means that if I want to do something else then I can potentially do so and save some money too! Perhaps I can spend half of that $5 and then save the rest!

Each of us has different priorities certain things we’re willing to sacrifice and other things we’re not willing to sacrifice. Some of us might really care about fashion but not as much about the place they live in. That kind of person could live in a cheaper place to save money on housing but be more willing to splurge on clothing.

I myself don’t really care too much about being fashionable and I like to buy basics for my wardrobe. I don’t have to worry about keeping up so I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes at all. Even things like food I can sacrifice a little so that I can save a bit more. I love my food but going to nice restaurants all the time isn’t realistic. I used to spend a lot more time eating out at expensive restaurants. I’ve cut it down a lot and now only go every now and then. It also feels more like a treat when I do go now because it’s more rare.

If I didn’t even try to save money I’d obviously be spending a lot more on just essentials alone. When it comes to personal finance some people like to tackle the saving money part and others feel that it’s just simply better to just increase your income. A dual take of course is a good balance because there are so many easy things you can do to save money. I love that my frugal habits give me the option of doing other things with my money. Most of the time I tend to sock it away in a savings account, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to do spend a little bit more in the areas I care about.

Helping others
If a loved one of mine ever needed financial help I would be in a good position to help out. Depending on the person of course it might be a good idea or not so great one though. It’s always good to know that I can be here for someone for emotional and financial support. I’ve got both covered! It also puts me in a position to be able to help others in the world. Non-profits and organization that have a mission I believe in can always use donations. Sometimes I donate to charity that is for helping other people and other times for trying to make the earth greener. Then there’s always wildlife non-profits that are trying to save endangered animals. How can I resist those cute animals? Because I have some extra cash flow I can think of giving a little to help someone else out.

Fancy chocolate
This is totally my weakness when it comes to being frugal! There’s always some form of chocolate around here and if there isn’t then I’m probably out buying more. As I try different types of chocolate my tastes change and sometimes it leans toward the more pricey end. I’m talking a few dollars for a small tiny piece of chocolate a fourth of the size of a normal Hershey’s bar. Which by the way I don’t buy Hershey’s because the chocolate is so waxy! I can sacrifice the clothing but I can’t sacrifice my chocolate! I usually stick to less expensive stuff but I do indulge every now and then in something pricier. If I didn’t have any extra income then I guess I would only be able to afford Hershey’s…which would be a sad sad life.

Being able to spend more and get earth-friendly products
Going green doesn’t always mean that you have to spend money, but sometimes it does depending on what it is. For example I buy rechargeable batteries instead of normal ones because they last longer. There are also much more expensive and require electricity to get them charged up again. I’ve never tracked how much rechargeable batteries cost in the end after long term use, but certain brands do get pretty expensive. There’s also products that use solar power instead of batteries that can cost 2 or 3 times more than the normal product. If we go into clothing then earth friendly fabrics do cost more than just buying the normal equivalent. I have the option to be able to be more earth-friendly products though because I save money in most other areas.


Cutting back on the pricey things means that you save a ton of money and it allows you to pursue some of your interests more freely. It’s usually more cutting back though than spending more of course! If you can cut back in most of the things you spend on, then splurging on small interests won’t add up and kick you in the butt later. Make your money go farther and do more with it!

What does being frugal and saving money enable you to do?

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