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 Photo Credit: Gustavo Minas via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Gustavo Minas via Compfight cc

I was just talking to my sister today and then we started Skyping so that I could show her the progress on the house. It’s weird how we both grew up together and now we live about 18 hours driving time from each other. It’s great that we can call each other and Skype to see each other, but of course it never replaces being able to spend time together physically. Life has led us to very different places but we’re always going to have that special bond that sisters have.

Not only is she one of the first people I turn to for good and bad news, but she’s also someone who shares a lot of my values. Financial, personal, earth saving and all that good stuff! We’re both very practical when it comes to dealing with money and both of us love finding a good deal. It’s kind of fun seeing who can find the best deal when it comes to buying something. A lot of these similarities are of course because we grew up together in the same environment. Hard not to have the same habits but I do know a ton of siblings who are total opposites.

There are so many reasons why I love having a sister! I can’t list all of them but I’ll write out a few that are financially related!

Someone to turn to if I need a loan
I’m pretty independent and I like being able to accomplish as much as I can on my own. Every now and then there are times when I might need some help and the person I would ask is my sister. Asking my parents is out of the question and would be an absolute last resort. It’s not something I like doing because I know my parents have sacrificed a lot already. Instead I have sister support! I’ve only asked once before and it was a just in case loan. When we were going through all the house stuff we were worried that something might unexpectedly happen while transferring money between accounts. The bets option was to ask for a small loan from my sister just in case things went wrong. In the end everything went smoothly and we transferred back the loan after only a few days. It’s pretty reassuring knowing someone is there though in case money troubles do hit.

Splitting the bill
When it comes to treating out parents and family it’s always better when someone else is splitting the bill with you. Chinese parents especially are hard to treat out because they absolutely refuse to let you. Having another person with you makes it a lot easier to argue that the meal really isn’t so much because it’s split two ways.

Getting joint gifts for the parents
Parents are the hardest people to get gifts for because they have everything they ever want! The best thing to do is to split a gift with my sister. This way we can get a slightly nicer and pricier gift for our parents. It usually ends up being less than what the two of us would spend separately though. Plus we both don’t have to come up with a great gift for them!

She likes to shop
Who doesn’t right? To clarify on this my sister likes to surprise people with gifts and she is a great gift giver. This means I get the best gifts from her and sometimes random ones during the year. She used to send me stuff when I was still in college especially. I remember when the Nintendo DS first came out all my cousins had one and I was waiting until I could save up the money. Valentine’s day came along and I received a package from my sister filled with chocolates and a Nintendo DS!

The first person who introduced me to reusable bags is her! This was way before they were popular and it was a pretty new concept. She bought ten bags online and gave me a couple. I still use those bags years later. She lives in a city that is actually more earth-friendly than LA. We share the same thoughts on trying to save the earth and there are things she finds out about that she shares with me. Vice versa of course too!

Life wouldn’t be the same without her and I don’t know how my life would have turned out. My husband grew up as an only child and his childhood is different from mine. It’s great having someone who can understand and support me in everything I do. Well…except for things she disapproves of. Haha.

What are the reasons that you like having a sibling?

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  1. I don’t have a sister, but I have a brother. We’re not as close as you guys since we don’t just call each other to chat and have girl bonding moments. But the biggest comfort I get for having a sibling is that when there’s a crisis in the family, I’m not alone in it. My mom’s been sick for along time, so we have quite a few emergency room visits. But having my brother there with me helps me and we take turn taking care of her. I don’t know how I would’ve survived all those time without him.
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    1. I’m sure the two of you are pretty close:P Not everyone has to call and chat, and we don’t do it as often as we wish. Hope your mom gets better! I’m glad you have good family support.

  2. awww this post made me teary eyed. I love you!

    PS. Reasons to have “A” sister….hee hee

    Reason 6: to correct your typos ha ha.

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