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 Photo Credit: wvs via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: wvs via Compfight cc

Print is on its way out and many publications have had to adapt to an online presence and smaller subscribers. I mostly read and keep up on current events online, but I do love having a physical magazine to leaf through. Especially magazines about saving money, personal finance, house diy, and of course ways to save the earth. I don’t like paying for the subscriptions though! I certainly don’t buy magazines singly off the rack since that’s a total rip-off! I’m currently subscribed to two magazines currently for free though! Yep free! How did I get them for free you ask?

There’s a nifty site that I joined a few months ago where I can earn points for today earth-friendly activities! Then I can use points and get rewards like coupons and magazine subscriptions! It’s really easy to do and the points rack up pretty fast. I’ve already redeemed enough points for four free magazine subscriptions already. Pretty awesome to be rewarded for activities I already do. It’s entirely free to join and there’s a ton of people on the website.

What is Recyclebank?
This is a company that wants to motivate people to be more earth-friendly by providing resources and easy ways to earn points for rewards. They’ve made it as simple as possible and have some great content. All you have to do is earn some points, get rewards, spread the word, and become more earth-friendly.

How to earn points
The simplest way to earn points is by reading articles about recycling and related topics. You can also browse through ways to further your green habits and pledge to do things like use less water or recycle more. If you participate in Terracycle’s programs you can also hook that up to Recyclebank and earn points when you send stuff in! That reminds me that I have to do that next time I send a shipment. There are a ton of fun quizzes that test your knowledge and further it along. They also partner up with other green organizations and you can earn points by buying products. It’s amazing how easy it is to earn points and it’s all stuff I already like doing.

What are the rewards?
There a ton of coupons for restaurants and stores on here that you can redeem for. For example a $10 off at Ruby Tuesday and a $10 off $30 for Bed Bath and Beyond. There are also a ton of magazine subscriptions too. Some are digital only and others are the physical kind. I am subscribed to Real Simple and This Old House. I sent my sister a subscription for Real Simple and a friend of mine Cooking Light.
It’s great to be rewarded for doing things that benefit the earth! Yeah!

And of course here’s the website link!

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